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How Do Farmland Auctions Work?

How Do Farmland Auctions Work?

“How do farmland auctions work? ” Fairly often I get this question and I first offer my joking response “pretty darn good”.  It’s not extraordinary that you wouldn’t understand how a farmland auction works, most people that are not farmers don’t go to them and if you are selling a farm there is a high likely […]

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Iowa Farmland Prices Continue Slow Decline

Iowa Farmland Prices Decline

It almost seems like old news at this point but the value of Iowa Farmland continues to decline.  Certainly an important issue to many people and today we have new updated information coming out from the Realtors Land Institute, an association of farmland brokers and auctioneers from around the state of Iowa.

The report is a 6 month […]

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Iowa's Farm Tenancy Termination

As we start to wind down Summer and head for harvest an important date is approaching for farmers and farmland owners.  If you are planning to sell a farm after the 2015 crop year this is something to pay particular attention to.  Iowa law requires that either tenant or landlords of agricultural farmland notify the other party if they intend […]

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Are You On the Fence About Retiring from Farming?

In October 2014 we wrote a post Is It Time To Retire From Farming and we’ve put one full farming season between us and that post.  Certainly in 2014 we could see the writing on the wall, commodity prices had begun falling in July 2013 and we knew the costs of farming were sure to lag behind its ability to produce […]

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