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You are thinking about selling farm assets and you need some questions answered.  We are here to help you.  Our team of land brokers and auctioneers specializes in the sale farmland, hunting land, farm equipment, leases and more.  You have many considerations ahead of you, don’t go it alone.  Trust our professionals to guide you down a path to success.

We are more than happy to visit with you with no obligation to help you understand the entire process.   You can visit our staff page to contact one of our agents or auctioneers or feel free to give us a call Toll Free at (855)376-3478

  • How much is my
    land worth?

    Putting a number on your farm can be complex. Rely on our experienced agents and auctioneers to help you understand the value of your farmland. Find out how much your land is wroth.
  • How do I sell
    my land?

    Finding the right land broker or auctioneer makes selling your farm or ranch less hectic. We can take the complexity out of selling. Learn how to sell your land.
  • What gives my
    property value?

    Farming, Hunting, Fishing, Livestock, Rural Residential... everybody has a different dream. Different properties have different draws and a different type buyer. Find out what gives your property value.
  • I need an

    Trust professionals that are genuine, experienced and have your best interest in mind. Our auctioneers have the best tools available, the best research and the results show it. Find an auctioneer