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How Do I Sell My Property?

How do you sell farmland in Iowa?  There really are two options and depending on the marketing plan you desire that may be a private treaty listing or an auction.

1.  Private Treaty Listings: Listings are the best method to sell your farm in certain cases.  Recreational land typically sells by listing when there is a lower return and it could take months to attract the right buyer.

2.  Farmland Auctions: Tillable and pastured farmland often does better at auction than does recreational land.  This asset has a much higher demand, a much larger buyer pool and offers a greater return.  This give us the ability to create competition for the asset and bring you top dollar using an auction.

With a listing the seller puts the property up for sale and waits for offers from buyers.  Listings can take 6, 12 even 18 months to sell.  Typically when a farm is priced correctly it should take around 6 months to sell a farm by listing.  Some sell immediately and others can take longer.  Marketing of these properties is often called “drip” marketing, a little bit is put out there every week.

With an auction the seller offers the farm to all buyers one time and then conducts an event (the auction) to negotiate the highest price.  Marketing of auction properties is done by an aggressive “condensed and accelerated” marketing campaign.  All ads, flyers, signs, mailings are done at one time with a “due” date (auction) being the end of the marketing period.

Its important to consult with our professional to understand what the best way is to sell your farmland, we enjoy the opportunity to visit with farmland owners and help you understand.  Fill out the information below to contact us so we can help you.

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