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I Need An Agent or Auctioneer

Its no secret that farmland auctions set the market and is always responsible for achieving new highs in farmland values.  Our auctioneers and agents off you absolute solutions that fit many situations.  Settling and estate is much easier accomplished with an auction.  Many farmland properties will bring a higher price when sold at auction by professional auctioneers.  Auctions have many advantages.  Many of our clients enjoy the fact we can handle big jobs from beginning to end.  Some situations require the liquidation of equipment and household contents along with the sale of the farmland. Our crew can literally start from the beginning, handle the entire clean out, cataloging, preparation, marketing, presentation and sale of all assets of an estate or relocation.

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Auctions offer a “date certain sale” meaning you know exactly to the day your assets will sell and as a seller you remain in control of the process by setting terms and conditions that fit you.  We offer auctioneering across the Midwest.

  • Time Certain Date of Sale
  •  Auctions are very common in the Midwest, a very fair and acceptable way to liquidate assets.
  • Marketing efforts are more effective when condensed and accelerated into a short period.
  • Time cost of money, selling sooner saves you taxes, insurance and holding costs.
  • Auctions create a sense of urgency. All buyers know when the property is selling and must prepare to participate.
  • Schedule your auction to fit your needs. We allow approximately 4 weeks for marketing and 4 weeks to close on the property after the auction. 60 days from start to close.
  • You set the terms and conditions of your auction eliminating lengthy negotiations, sellers have the upper hand.
  • Auction means competitive bidding. We strive to enhance this by providing all information that your bidders need to make an informed decision thus buying with confidence.
  • Auctions continue to be the leading method of establishing new market highs.
  • In a declining market, auctions seize the moment selling the property before values further decline.

An auction isn’t right for everybody, selling certain types of farmland and there are certain cases when a farm is best served by a private treaty negotiated sale.  The type of sale chosen can be affected by family relations and seller wishes as well.  We gladly offer you free advice to help you make the choice between marketing methods.

If you are considering selling farm assets we have the tools to help you sell successfully.  Contact us using the form below or call us toll free at 855-376-3478 and our auction team will provide you a confidential no obligation consultation and show you how you can achieve maximum value in the shortest amount of time.