Here at DreamDirt, we have an immensely thorough and inclusive land marketing platform. As a highly specialized land auction company based in Iowa and serving midwestern states, we believe that we have the knowledge, education, and tools to stand out when compared to other auction companies. Unlike many of our competitors, we dedicate all of our resources to our seller client’s success. We don’t have any other motivations like farm management clients. Remember, you aren’t looking for a buyer, you are looking for the BEST Buyer.

To read more about how DreamDirt is different, check out our blog post “DreamDirt vs. Auction Companies in Iowa.” 

(after you read this one, of course)

First, our marketing program has so many elements, it’s impossible to describe in complete detail. Additionally, since we don’t want our competitors to discover our trade secrets, we just simply have to leave them out. We’d be happy to give you a generalized overview of our marketing program here, but to learn in-depth about our marketing processes, please reach out to schedule a free private consultation.

Over the years, we have developed an overwhelmingly successful standardized marketing timeline for the farms we represent. Our digital marketing program is the most advanced and our land auction software, BidCapture, is the only software of its kind in the marketplace. Literally, the only land auction software in existence! 

Additionally, the entirety of our marketing staff is in-house employees that know auctions. This means that the people designing the advertising know the industry and only work on auctions. As opposed to many other auction companies who outsource to third-party providers and more generalized designers.


In-Person Preview

We will begin our marketing with an in-person preview of your farm. During this time, our team will obtain drone images and video footage that will be used to create different marketing materials. We will get into what we use these for later in this post. While at your property, our team will also strategically place signs on the farm, as well as directional arrows in multiple high-traffic areas. This will ensure that the highest number of people are exposed to your auction right off the bat. We believe it is important to have an aggressive start to your campaign.

farm for sale sign

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Video Ad

Our marketing team will work to create a state-of-the-art marketing video ad, in multiple formats, utilizing the drone footage. This will become the centerpiece of our marketing campaign. This video will be published on our website, in email campaigns, on your individual auction page, on YouTube, and on all of our social media platforms. The video is equivalent to a sale bill in a digital format. We build and distribute our client videos in a way that creates the maximum potential organic reach for them.

Social Media Posts

We will also create various social media posts that will be published throughout your campaign. Our digital strategies utilize all major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and more! Anywhere people hang out online, we are there! There, we are able to reach our target demographic and take advantage of the large audiences we have accumulated over the years. Our pages allow for a vast organic reach, but we will also place additional individualized paid ads to target specific demographics both locally and nationally. Our unique methods for doing this have increased our client reach significantly and this shows in the outcome of our clients’ experience.

Search Engine Ads

We will increase traffic to your auction through the use of paid search engine ads in Google and Bing. This gives your farm the best potential to appear in top search results for related keyword searches. Our ability to make ads that match buyer searches has been fine-tuned over the years to match search terms that buyers target.

Multiple Listing Service

While many in our industry use MLS listings, we will list your farm in multiple MLS services so that it can appear on many other real estate websites. This syndication process allows buyers numerous opportunities to discover your farm through a myriad of real estate-related websites. In addition to this, it will expose your property to thousands of real estate agents who may have clients interested in buying land, as well. With auctions, this often gets you premium placement on many websites since they are time-sensitive sales. We use additional top external land-specific websites to advertise your farm, as well. This will include websites like Land, Lands of America, Farm and Land, and similar land-specific websites. Users on these websites are often very highly motivated to buy a specific asset that you happen to be selling.

Radio Ads

We use multiple different radio stations across the state of Iowa to advertise our auctions. We also have a weekly interview on KWMT 540AM with farm director, Duane Murley who has a large multi-state audience, and Chad Reick at KSIB. These are actual dialogue-based interviews with the on-air personalities. We get to talk about the farms for sale, upcoming auctions and discuss them in-depth, as well as answer questions about them. These segments are recorded and run on other radio stations across the state including KGLO and KCID. We have found this format to be much more engaging than the standard, stale pre-recorded ads that many others use. Plus, it lets us say so much more about your farm!

Text Messages, Emails, and Direct Phone Calls

We have accumulated our very own database of bidders throughout the history of our company. This database includes every person that has ever registered or bid with us at an auction. We use a variety of methods to reach these individuals including text messages, emails, and direct phone calls. We carefully track buyer inquiries and keep a list of people that have recently inquired about farms for sale. These buyers are completely ready to buy and bring additional competition to your auction. Our goal is to keep them engaged and motivate them to participate in every auction.

Jason J Smith

Jason J Smith

Auctioneer & Land Broker

Jason is an experienced farmland broker and auctioneer with extensive experience in farmland sales across this Midwest.  Jason has worked with hundreds of clients to create advantageous outcomes.  If you are selling land schedule a consultation with Jason by calling or using the calendar.

Phone: 515-537-6633

Weekly Newsletter

We send out a weekly newsletter to thousands of people that track our sales and services. These are opt-in recipients that have signed up to receive our notifications. Throughout the course of your campaign, your property will appear at the top of our newsletter, multiple times, to ensure it has the best chance of being noticed. We link your newsletter ad directly to your auction so they can click one time and land on your auction. If you are interested in signing up for our newsletter, click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page. (See we never stop trying)

farm for sale sign


Print Marketing Campaign

Newspaper Ads

Our company will immediately prepare newspaper ads that will be placed in various local and regional newspapers and shoppers. We will use large graphics display ads to ensure the best chance of grabbing attention, and we design our ads by best practices. Yes, there are best practices for designing an ad. First, it is essential to grab and hold a reader’s attention, and it is also equally important that the ad not blend into a page and be overlooked. Once we get their attention, we want to carry them through the ad in a way that creates curiosity and participation. It’s a science that we’ve studied thoroughly and not just a “newspaper ad.”

Print Materials

Our print materials consist of postcards and sale bills or other customized printed advertisements. They are printed in full color on high-quality paper and distributed in different ways. Sale bills are hung in public locations such as gas stations, grocery stores, post offices, restaurants, etc. Postcards are sent out to neighboring landowners and go all across the country. The recipients are selected according to criteria that are most likely to generate interested buyers. Over the years, we’ve learned how to make them as effective as possible. 

VIB List

One of our most unique and proprietary marketing resources is our VIB List. These are the “Very Important Bidders” you want in your auction. Over the years, we have aggregated our list to include every one of the top buyers. We have scoured landowner records, watched who buys farms, learned from contacts, and carefully scrutinized every person on this list. It’s the “gold standard” and includes the most powerful high net worth buyers in the land industry. It’s the “investors” as you’d refer to them. It helps to lay things out clearly for them so that they can access them easily. Because there are so many opportunities available to them, they rarely search for more on their own. These individuals are important in achieving the best price for your farm because they bid on all types of farms and ensure nothing can sell below its market value. They sometimes have 1031 exchange funds and create additional competition for farms that otherwise would result in lower prices for the seller.

Additional Resources

Do you want to settle for the standard status quo when it comes to selling your farm or do you want every assurance of top quality when selling your farm?  What we do is different and we’ll continue to evolve in a way that keeps us unique and on the top of our industry. If you want to learn more about selling land, we wrote down everything we thought our clients needed to know and created two Ebooks. (That’s different isn’t it!) We wanted you to be able to learn first, commit later. They are completely free and you can sign up for your copy by clicking HERE.

We’d be more than glad to share more testimonials, videos of our auctions, and marketing packages with you! Please reach out to get started by scheduling your free consultation with our team at DreamDirt today or contact us with questions.

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