Cerro Gordo County, Iowa Farmland Values and Land Auction Information

The following information is from Iowa State University’s Land Survey that’s released each December. It is only a guide and won’t apply exactly to your farmland.  Last update 12/2023. Data on this page can be up to 12 months old. To see current Iowa land prices and most recent farmland sales results click here

Cerro Gordo County Iowa Farmland Value Profile

Cerro Gordo County Iowa Farmland Value Profile
  • The average value of farmland in Cerro Gordo County is $12,295 per acre which is up $427 from 2022 to 2023.
  • The average price of tillable farmland per CSR2 point in Cerro Gordo County is $149.94 for 2023 land auctions.
  • Cerro Gordo County is ranked 51 in the state of Iowa in average dollars per acre for tillable farmland.
  • The highest sale of farmland in Cerro Gordo County in 2023 was $15,900 per acre.
Location North Central Iowa
County Size 568 sq. miles
Total Acres 300,851
Cropland Acres 281,536
Average Price Per Acre Farmland $12,295
Average Price Per Acre for North Central, IA $12,818
CSR2 Weighted Average 74.6
CSR2 Cropland Average 82
State Average CSR2 68.6
Average Price per CSR2 $149.94
Average County Rent $292
Rent Range $243 - $340
Average rent for North Central Iowa $285
Rent per CSR2 Point $3.7
Improved Permanent Pasture $82
Unimproved Permanent Pasture $46
Stalk Grazing per Acre $11
Hunting Rights per Acre $15
Towns: Clear Lake, Meservey, Rock Falls, Thoton, Dougherty, Nora Springs, Rockwell, Ventura, Mason City, Plymouth, Swaledale

Unincorporated Areas: Burchinal, Freeman, Cameron, Hurley, Cartersville, Portland, Emery

Townships: Bath, Ceneseo, Lime Creek, Owen, Clear Lake, Grant, Lincoln, Pleasant Valley, Dougherty, Grimes, Mason, Portland, Falls, Lake, Mount Veon, Union

History: Cerro Gordo County was formed in 1851 and named after a battlefield in the Mexican War, where General Winfield Scott defeated the Mexican General Santa Anna on April 18, 1847. In 1851 the first white settlers came into the area of the present county and settled on Clear Lake. Four years later, on August 7, 1855, the first elections were held and the first legal proceedings occurred in 1857. In the summer of the same year, Livonia was chosen as the new county seat. In 1858, the seat was retued to Mason City. In 1866, the first courthouse was erected from stone at the cost of $600, which was used until 1900. The courthouse still used today was opened on November 17, 1960. Cerro Gordo County was the site of the airplane crash north of the city of Clear Lake, in which rock and roll stars Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson, along with their pilot Roger A. Peterson, were killed on February 3, 1959. The site is located in Grant Township, in the northweste part of the county.

Cerro Gordo County Iowa Farmland Sales Resources

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Recent Farmland Sales in this County

6/6/24 40 Acres; $9,900/acre; 71 CSR2; 93% tillable

6/6/24 160 Acres; $12,100/acre; 80.3 CSR2; 95.5% tillable

8/3/23 120.95 Acres; $15,900/acre; 83.8 CSR2; 95.89% tillable

8/24/23 80 Acres; $13,800/acre; 85.4 CSR2; 96.75% tillable

7/5/23 71.03 Acres; $13,075/acre; 86.8 CSR2; 100% tillable

7/5/23 43.29 Acres; $14,000/acres; 81.5 CSR2; 100% tillable

7/5/23 85.68 Acres; $13,060/acre; 77 CSR2; 100% tillable

9/29/22 43 Acres; $10,250/acre; 66.3 CSR2; 84% tillable

9/29/22 58 Acres; $12,025/acre; 76.2 CSR2; 98% tillable

9/20/22 140 Acres; $13,250/acre; 83.8 CSR2; 97% tillable

9/20/22 80 Acres; $16,050/acre; 85.1 CSR2; 96.25% tillable

9/20/22 80 Acres; $15,100/acre; 87.8 CSR2; 91% tillable

9/8/22 170 Acres; $11,000/acre; 79.2 CSR2; 96% tillable

8/30/22 227.1 acres; $12,400/acre; 83.5 CSR2; $148.50/CSR2; 98.59% tillable

5/25/22 36.59 Acres; 93% tillable; 84.4 CSR2; $12,049/acre

5/25/22 59.93 Acres; 89% tillable; 83.1 CSR2; $10,765/acre

March 2022 44.44 acre; 35.5 tillable acre; $8,60/tillable acres; 53.4 CSR2; $152.81/CSR2; $289,680; 79.88% tillable

March 2022 67.4 acres; 65.62 tillable acres; $11,322/tillable acres; 81.8 CSR2; $138.41/CSR2; $742,949.64; 97.36% tillable

March 2022 68.33 acres; 60.76 tillable acres; $9,180/tillable acres; 75.1 CSR2; $122.24/CSR2; $557,776.80; 88.92% tillable

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Cerro Gordo County Farmland Values and Averages

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