Montgomery County, Iowa Farmland Values and Land Auction Information

The following information is from Iowa State University’s Land Survey that’s released each December. It is only a guide and won’t apply exactly to your farmland.  Last update 12/2023. Data on this page can be up to 12 months old. To see current Iowa land prices and most recent farmland sales results click here

Montgomery County Iowa Farmland Value Profile

Montgomery County Iowa Farmland Value Profile
  • The average value of farmland in Montgomery County is $9,314 per acre which is up $215 from 2022 to 2023.
  • The average price of tillable farmland per CSR2 point in Montgomery County is $117.90 for 2023 land auctions.
  • Montgomery County is ranked #82 in the state of Iowa in average dollars per acre for tillable farmland.
  • The highest sale of farmland in Montgomery County in 2023 was $15,000 per acre.
Location Southwest, Iowa
County Size 424 sq. miles
Total Acres 217,317
Cropland Acres 150,876
Average Price Per Acre Farmland $9,314
Average Price Per Acre for Southwest, IA $9,505
CSR2 Weighted Average 70.3
CSR2 Cropland Average 79
State Average CSR2 68.6
Average Price per CSR2 $117.90
Average County Rent $274
Rent Range $226-$317
Average rent for Southwest, Iowa $265
Rent per CSR2 Point $3.47
Improved Permanent Pasture $101
Unimproved Permanent Pasture $66
Stalk Grazing per Acre $9
Hunting Rights per Acre $11
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Towns: Colburg, Grant, Stanton, Elliott, Red Oak, Villisca

Unincorporated Areas: Pittsburg

Townships: Lincoln, Sherman, Pilot Grove, Douglas, Garfield, Red Oak, Frankfort, Washington, West, Grant, Scott, East

History: The territory that is now Montgomery County was originally part of the Pottawattamie-Purchase in 1846 and was included in a large county called Pottawattamie in 1847. The General Assembly established the county on January 15, 1851. The county is named in honor of General Richard Montgomery who died at the assault of Quebec in the Revolutionary War. The first county elections were held in April 1853, and around 18 votes were cast. Prior to this the county was attached to Adams County for judicial and financial reasons. These elections were held at the home of Amos G. Lowe, the first county judge. A judge of the Sixth Judicial District appointed commissioners to select the county seat of Montgomery County. They selected a site nearest to the center of the county and named it Frankfort, in honor of Frankfort, Kentucky, the judge’s hometown. The first county courthouse was built in Frankfort in 1857. It was a simple wooden-frame structure that covered an area 20-foot x 40-foot and was built at a cost of $1,141.50 to the county. After a contest between Frankfort and Red Oak for the county seat, in which Frankfort lost by only six votes, this courthouse was moved. It was hitched to a team of oxen and towed to Red Oak in the winter of 1865. A blizzard came up, and the men had to abandon the building in favor of shelter. When they retued they had “lost” the courthouse in the snow. It was eventually found, but the “lost courthouse” was a great joke in Montgomery County for many years. Even after a second story was added to the old courthouse, it was still not large enough for the growing county needs. Two attempts to build a new courthouse failed. The first one was in 1873, and the second was in 1883. Finally, on the third try, the people approved the building of a new courthouse by a narrow margin in the summer of 1889. The second, and current, courthouse was built in 1890. The contractor failed to complete the building, and after much litigation, the county was found not responsible for the cost of completing the courthouse. When the building was finished, it only cost the county $69,000. At the dedication on the Fourth of July, conservative estimates put the number of visitors present at 10,000. The nearly fireproof structure is made of sandstone and red brick. It is 91-foot x 72-foot and is 60 feet high, the clock tower extends another 40 feet. This clock tower was a gift of the Red Oak Monday Club. Since 1890 the courthouse has become the centerpiece of Red Oak and Montgomery County. On July 2, 1981, the Montgomery County Courthouse was entered in the National Register of Historic Places. A brief ceremony and an open house were held. 1984 saw the completion of the elevator to assist the handicapped and elderly with access to all levels of the courthouse. The elevator reduced the double stairway leading to the second and third floors and the basement to a single stairway. The project also included a new entrance on the south side of the building.

Montgomery County Iowa Farmland Sales Resources

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Recent Farmland Sales in this County

12/15/23 217 acres; $10,200/acre; 73.5 CSR2; $138.78/CSR2; 91% tillable

12/15/23 95 acres; $9,700/acre; 73.9 CSR2; $131.26/CSR2; 92% tillable

12/7/23 46.24 Acres; $15,000/acre; 76 CSR2; 86.7% tillable

10/17/23 159 Acres; $4,000/acre; 55.5 CSR2; 89.6% tillable

8/25/23 118.5 Acres; $5,500/acre; 58.5 CSR2; 89% tillable

6/22/23 240 Acres; $7,500/acre; 68.4 CSR2; 92% tillable

12/6/22 68.92 acres 62.79 tillable acres $6,600/acre 63.4 CSR2 $104.10/csr2 $454,872.00 91.11% tillable

12/6/22 119 acres 117.87 tillable acres $12,600/acre 81.7 CSR2 $154.22/csr2 $1,499,400 99.05% tillable

12/6/22 79 acres 75.18 tillable acres $12,900/acre 66.1 CSR2 $195.16/CSR2 $1,019,100 95.16% tillable

12/6/22 76.56 acres 76.40 tillable acres $13,600/acre 76.5 CSR2 $177.78/csr2 $1,041,216 99.79% tillable

9/29/22 156 Acres; $13,750/acre; 87.3 CSR2; 96% tillable

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Montgomery County Farmland Values and Averages

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