Page County, Iowa Farmland Values and Land Auction Information

The following information is from Iowa State University’s Land Survey that’s released each December. It is only a guide and won’t apply exactly to your farmland.  Last update 12/2023. Data on this page can be up to 12 months old. To see current Iowa land prices and most recent farmland sales results click here

Page County Iowa Farmland Value Profile

Page County Iowa Farmland Value Profile
  • The average value of farmland in Page County is $8,493 per acre which is up $197 from 2022 to 2023.
  • The average price of tillable farmland per CSR2 point in Page County is $106.16 for 2023 land auctions.
  • Page County is ranked #86 in the state of Iowa in average dollars per acre for tillable farmland.
  • The highest sale of farmland in Page County in 2023 was $8,600 per acre.
Location Southwest, Iowa
County Size 535 sq. miles
Total Acres 282,228
Cropland Acres 259,981
Average Price Per Acre Farmland $8,493
Average Price Per Acre for Southwest, IA $9,505
CSR2 Weighted Average 70.6
CSR2 Cropland Average 80
State Average CSR2 68.6
Average Price per CSR2 $106.16
Average County Rent $257
Rent Range $209-$306
Average rent for Southwest, Iowa $265
Rent per CSR2 Point $3.21
Improved Permanent Pasture $101
Unimproved Permanent Pasture $66
Stalk Grazing per Acre $9
Hunting Rights per Acre $11
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Towns: Blanchard, Coin, Hepbu, Shenandoah, Braddyville, College Springs, Northboro, Yorktown, Clarinda, Essex, Shambaugh

Unincorporated Areas:

Townships: Pierce, Fremont, Douglas, Valley, Grant, Tarkio, Nodaway, Nebraska, Morton, Lincoln, Harlan, East River


Page County, Iowa was established on February 24, 1847, and it is named after John Page, a Governor of Virginia. The county seat of Page County is Clarinda.

Similar to other counties in Iowa, Page County’s early history is closely tied to agriculture. The fertile soil in the area made it suitable for farming, and settlers began to establish farms and communities. The county’s development was further influenced by factors such as transportation routes, including the railroads that facilitated the movement of goods and people.

One notable aspect of Page County’s history is its connection to the birthplace of Glenn Miller, a famous American jazz musician, bandleader, and composer. Glenn Miller was born in Clarinda, and the city pays tribute to him with the Glenn Miller Birthplace Museum.

Page County has experienced changes and growth over the years, with agriculture remaining a vital part of its economy. The county’s communities have contributed to the cultural heritage of Iowa, and its historical sites and landmarks reflect the story of its development. Today, Page County is known for its agricultural heritage, outdoor recreation opportunities, and cultural attractions.

Page County Iowa Farmland Sales Resources

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Recent Farmland Sales in this County

12/15/23 192.03 acres; $8,400/acre; 71.7 CSR2; $117.15/CSR2; 77% tillable

12/13/23 17.68 acres; $6,250/acre; 51.6 CSR2; $121.12/CSR2; 94%

11/17/22 93.48 Acres; $5,700/acre; 63.5 CSR2; 84% tillable

10/28/22 78.16 Acres; $13,500/acre; 80 CSR2; 95% tillable

10/28/22 77.28 Acres; $9,100/acre; 72 CSR2; 88% tillable

9/1/22 141.76 acres; $11,300/acre; 77.4 CSR2; $145.99/CSR2; 90.86% tillable

9/1/22 98.37 acres; $10,200/acre; 76 CSR2; $134.21/CSR2; 92.81% tillable

9/1/22 155.29 acres; $9,750/acre; 72.6 CSR2; $134.30/CSR2; 85.59% tillable

9/1/22 77.27 acres; $8,700/acre; 71.5 CSR2; $121.68/CSR2; 90.97% tillable

9/1/22 77.16 acres; $8,500/acre; 74.7 CSR2; $113.79/CSR2; 90.38% tillable

9/1/22 181.20 acres; $7,550/acre; 72.1 CSR2; $104.72/CSR2; 98.17% tillable

6/22/22 155.60 acres; $6,600/acre; 61.2 CSR2; $107.84/CSR2; 80.66% tillable

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Page County Farmland Values and Averages

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