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You are thinking about selling farm assets and you need some questions answered. We are here to help you. Our team of land brokers and auctioneers specializes in the marketing and sale of agricultural assets including farmland and equipment from estates, retirements and downsizing. You have many considerations ahead of you, don't go it alone. Trust our professionals to guide you down a path to success.

We can help bring clarity, organization and value to the process for you. We are more than happy to visit with you with no obligation to help you understand the entire process and provide a free custom valuation for your assets quickly. You can visit our staff page to contact one of our professional Land Brokers or Auctioneers or feel free to call us Toll Free at (855)376-3478.

How much is my farmland worth? We can tell you!

Farmland values are always moving, let us help you understand the value of your farm with a FREE Broker Price Opinion and custom valuation.

How do I sell my farmland? Auction or Listing?

You have choices and you don't have to go about it alone. Lean on our professional team for guidance that makes it easy and more effective.

I'm retiring from farming, what do I do with my equipment?

A retiring farmer once told me, "I wouldn't have put this off so long if I'd of known it was this easy."

I'm an executor or heir to an estate, now what?

Being an executor can be an overwhelming responsibility at a very difficult time in your life.

What's better, an online or live auction?

An auction can take many different forms, and while online auctions are relatively new they bring new convenience to the auction process.

I'm having debt issues and I'm worried.

Debt issues are stressful, but understand that you are not alone.

Somebody is renting our farm. Can we sell it?

This is potentially the most frequently asked question we get.

Why should I pay a commission? I can sell it myself!

The simple answer is that we can sell it for more money, and we bring a great deal of value to your transaction.

I heard investors will pay a lot more for land. Is that true?

Every investor is different, and that is the truth.

Our tenant wants to buy the farm and skip a sale. Is that smart?

We understand that families develop special relationships with longtime farmers on their properties, and we respect that greatly.

I don't want any advertising. I sure don't want any public auction. Can you help?

Yes we can.

How do your commissions compare to other companies?

We don't keep track of other companies' commissions or compare our commissions to theirs.