Iowa Farmland Auction Price Results For 2018, Week 6

Feb 12, 2018

Jason J Smith

Jason J Smith

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Iowa Farmland Auction Price Results

Week 6 2018

Good morning and welcome to Monday of Week 7 in the world of Iowa farmland sales reports.  $7.8 million dollars worth of farmland traded hands at auction in Iowa last week giving us an average per acre price of $7401 for the week which was up from the previous week’s average farmland price of $6146.  It was a really good week for farmland sellers again across Iowa.  We are closing in on planting season but a fair amount of farms will sell prior to planting yet as another almost 5000 acres of farmland are set for auction prior to April 1st across the state and we expect the market will continue to stay steady to strong through this period.


Average Farmland Prices In Iowa

The average price per CSR2 point across all auction sales of farmland was $96.13 which was an improvement over last weeks $83.47 per CSR2 point.  This weeks run of farmland auctions was really titled toward the high quality side.  7 of 13 parcels offered this week were above 75 CSR2.  We will continue to see these swings in dollars per CSR2 point from week to week really just because of the mix of farms offered each week.  Long term and over months you can see trends and find a more solid average because of the larger sample of farms and results.


Farmland Sales In Iowa

This week all parcels offered included 1206 total acres of which 1013 were tillable.  1 parcel of farmland did not sell at the auction which was 156 acres of pastureland with 0 tillable acres.  This volume was lower than the previous week when we saw 1530 acres with 1225 tillable acres cross the auction block in Iowa.

Farmland sales volume across the state has remained very low playing into sellers hands.  For those sellers willing to sell in somewhat dicey commodity market the reward and premium is there for farms that get marketed well.  Below in this weeks chart you see 13 entries but that is only 6 land auctions across the entire state in one week.  Even though land auctions have surged a little lately we are still seeing very low volumes persisting.

iowa farmland auction price results

Ensuring good results for your good quality farm today really means that your exposure needs to be very thorough and across all channels of communication to ensure as much competition as possible for the farm.  If you are thinking of selling a farm DreamDirt can help you find the top of the market on your farm. There are many considerations before selling a farm and we can help guide you through the process.  You’ll find that our system is very simple for you and capable of reaching the right people very fast.  We know you’ll have many questions but let us help you put your mind at ease. You can contact me directly Auctioneer Jason Smith 712-592-8965 or send me a request to help you value your farm.  Get a Free Farmland Market Analysis


County Total Acres Tillable Acres Price Per Tillable CSR2 $ per Tillable CSR2 Total Price
Ringgold County 156 0 Did Not Sell 49.8 0 0
Floyd County 78 76.6 $8550 90.5 $94.48 $654930.00
Floyd County 157 152.4 $6375.00 69.5 $91.73 $971550.00
Floyd County 160 149.1 $6050.00 75 $80.67 $902055.00
Floyd County 100 97.6 $7550.00 87.6 $86.19 $736880.00
Hamilton County 146.33 138.8 $10200.00 82 $124.39 $1415760.00
Worth County 70 66.6 $8600.00 85.5 $100.58 $572760.00
Worth County 36 30,77 $6600.00 64.5 $102.33 $203082.00
Monona County 35.96 36.69 $8600.00 82.9 $103.74 $306934.00
Monona County 74.77 74.77 $6700.00 65 $103.08 $500959.00
Monona County 78.86 78.66 $6500.00 61.9 $105.01 $511290.00
Monona County 73 72.2 $7000.00 64.2 $109.03 $505400.00
Tama County 40.36 40.36 $13,500.00 90.9 148.51 $544860.00
Iowa STATEWIDE AVERAGE      $7401.92  74.56  96.13  
Iowa Weekly TOTALS 1206.28 1013.55       7,826,460

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