Iowa Farmland Auction Results Week 9

Mar 6, 2018 | Farmland Prices, Iowa Farmland Prices

Jason Smith

Jason Smith

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Iowa Farmland Prices Land Auction Results


Average Farmland Prices In Iowa

Week 9 in Iowa farmland auction sales we saw a very similar week to week 8 and the only real exception was a couple of no sales that occurred in Wayne and Polk County.  There have been very few no sales at auction with as strong as the market it is but this week did turn out 2 of them.  This week we had 6 farms with 90 plus CSR2 and 4 farms in the 80’s.  Overall the quality of farms offer this week was in line with but slightly lower than last weeks average of 84.37 at 83.29.  This weeks averages price per CSR2 point came in at $109.50 just slightly above last weeks average of $109.12



Farmland Sales In Iowa

In week 9 2013 acres sold.  1928 of the acres were tillable farmland or 95.78% tillable.  This report measures only farms that are 80% tillable or higher.  Total dollars trading hands at auction last week for farmland was $16,997,087, the highest of the year so far.



Average Price Per Acre Of Farmland In Iowa

The average price per acre of farmland in Iowa this week was $9,257 per acre, nearly identical to last weeks $9293.67.  Of the 9 land auctions in this report there were 19 parcels sold.  The highest selling farm this week was in Lyon County selling at $151.37 per CSR2 point on a 94.8 CSR2 farm that was 112.02 acres.  The lowest selling farm was in Howard County bringing $90.16 per CSR2 point on a 95.3% tillable farm.  The only southern Iowa farm included in this weeks results was in Warren County.  The remainder of the farms were all in northern Iowa.

Iowa farmland appraisersInsuring good results for your good quality farm today really means that your exposure needs to be very thorough and across all channels of communication to ensure as much competition as possible for the farm.  If you are thinking of selling a farm DreamDirt can help you find the top of the market on your farm. There are many considerations before selling a farm and we can help guide you through the process.  You’ll find that our system is very simple for you and capable of reaching the right people very fast.  We know you’ll have many questions but let us help you put your mind at ease. You can contact me directly Auctioneer Jason Smith 712-592-8965 or send me a request to help you value your farm.  Get a Free Farmland Market Analysis

Auction Price Results For Farmland By County

County Total Acres Tillable Acres Price Per Tillable CSR2 $ per Tillable CSR2 Total Price % Tillable
Pottawattamie 230.33 215.87 $6,600.00 69.1 $95.51 $1424742.00 93.72%
Pottawattamie 229.56 228.54 $8,200.00 77.7 $105.53 $1874028.00 99.56%
Pottawattamie 158 144.02 $6,900.00 75.3 $91.63 $993738.00 91.15%
Woodbury 117.79 110 $4,500.00 46 $97.83 $495000.00 93.39%
Clay 60 60 $11,100.00 93.9 $118.21 $666000.00 100.00%
Clay 60 60 $12,200.00 95 $128.42 $732000.00 100.00%
Clay 75 74 $12,200.00 97.1 $125.64 $902800.00 98.67%
Clay 40 33.9 $7,700.00 78.3 $98.34 $261030.00 84.75%
Clay 80 71.2 $8,800.00 90.2 $97.56 $626560.00 89.00%
Clay 80 78.94 $10,200.00 94 $108.51 $805188.00 98.68%
Warren 80 73.13 $12,100.00 89.1 $135.80 $884873.00 91.41%
Crawford 159 151.26 $6,100.00 67.4 $90.50 $922686.00 95.13%
Sac 153 150.71 $7,300.00 79.1 $92.29 $1100183.00 98.50%
Lyon 113.92 112.01 $13,350.00 97.4 $137.06 $1495333.50 98.32%
Lyon 112.02 107.6 $14,350.00 94.8 $151.37 $1544060.00 96.05%
Hancock 160 155.38 $9,200.00 81.7 $112.61 $1429496.00 97.11%
Howard 19.04 19.04 $9,000.00 86.6 $103.93 $171360.00 100.00%
Howard 44.48 43.5 $8,400.00 84.4 $99.53 $365400.00 97.80%
Howard 41.2 39.3 $7,700.00 85.4 $90.16 $302610.00 95.39%
STATEWIDE AVERAGE   $9,257.89 83.29 $109.50   95.78%
TOTALS 2013.34 1928.4   $16,997,087  



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