Iowa Land Auction Price Results October 2017

Nov 2, 2017

Jason J Smith

Jason J Smith

Auctioneer & Land Broker

Jason is an experienced farmland broker and auctioneer with extensive experience in farmland sales across this Midwest.  Jason has worked with hundreds of clients to create advantageous outcomes.  If you are selling land schedule a consultation with Jason by calling or using the calendar.

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Iowa Farmland Prices October 2017 Farmland Results

October was an extremely busy month at DreamDirt with land sales and land auction across Iowa and Nebraska as well as setting up a very large auction in Minnesota.  Our team worked thought the entire month without much of a break and results for October were again strong and in some cases surprisingly strong.

Northwest Iowa again showed great results in O’Brien and Plymouth Counties with multiple sales over $10,000 and reaching up into the 13,000 and 15,000 range.  Howard County Iowa produce a result over $10,000 this month as well.  Central Iowa saw a multi-tract farmland auction that produced results between $9,100 and $11,400 per acref

It was a strong month for farmland prices but as we’ve noted before there still exists the possibility that the market finds additional supply through distressed farms in the future which will have a direct effect on supply of farmland.  Right now its likely the number 1 thing propping up farm land prices is the lack of supply.  Nobody has a crystal ball and nobody can say what will happy in the future but its a safe bet that we’ll see more and more farms for sale with lease back stipulations or just partial liquidation of land holdings.

If you are considering selling a farm you know where you stand right now, but you don’t know where you stand in 3-4-5 months so its probably best to get the farm to market sooner than later.  Auctions have been producing excellent results, they cut hold times and uncertainty and give you a date guaranteed date of sale.  You want to be able to control every variable possible and the only way to do that is with an auction.


Farmland Sale Volume

Volume of farmland sold was again low in October, even lower than the previous month of September which continues to contribute to higher farmland prices.  At this point its fairly easy to see auction calendars out to at least mid to late December and volume will increase but will continue to be much lower than the average of the previous 5 years.   Sellers can expect some uncertainty in the market and probably a continuing patter similar to what we have been seeing with sales not always following the pattern.  I know thats confusing but farmland prices can be somewhat difficult to predict at this point.  There are multiple examples of multiple auctions in one area producing different results high and low.  Each auction and auctioneer are different so there are certainly variables that can lead to those variations outside of market factors.  We will be back with a November farmland prices report next month and we hope you’ll watch for that to see where the market is headed.  We always enjoy the opportunity to report these results to you and look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to sell.


Selling Farms In Iowa

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If you are considering selling a farm in Iowa or surrounding states you really should start with a free market analysis  to understand what your farm might sell for by auction or listing.  Start with that and let us show you the best ways to expose your farm to the largest audience across the nation.  We make selling farmland easy for you and you’ll be glad you did.  We offer unique resources that are not available anywhere else and our techniques and methods have worked for many farm families as they divest from farmland ownership to transition.  You can reach us online or by phone anytime.  We are always available to discuss the sale of your farm.

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Iowa Farmland Prices

10/04/17 Black Hawk Tillable 158 $9057 88 148
10/05/17 Howard Tillable 80 $10750 84.2 74.4
10/05/17 Howard Tillable 70 $9450 87.3 69.3
10/05/17 Buchanan Tillable 78 $8100 81.1 76
10/05/17 Buchanan Tillable 155 $6450 74.5 148.7
10/06/17 Johnson Tillable 63.5 $8050 61.2 56.8
10/07/17 Dallas Recreation 64.19 No Sale    
10/09/17 Woodbury Tillable 35 $7300 54.3 30.61
10/10/17 O’Brien Tillable 65 $10450 97 64.6
10/11/17 Franklin Tillable 80 cancelled 86 74.92
10/12/17 Clay Recreation 24.9 $7800 0  
10/12/17 Henry Tillable 69.63 $4100 59.1 46.61
10/13/17 Tama Tillable 74 $6120 73.4 71.25
10/13/17 Van Buren Recreation 57.25 $3700 46 15.87
10/16/17 Crawford Tillable 73.96 $6681 57.7 73.96
10/18/17 Floyd Tillable 73 $8650 83.2 70.29
10/18/17 Floyd Tillable 96.32 $6000 71.2 89.57
10/20/17 Monona CRP 60 $3000 48.6 50.77
10/24/17 Jefferson Tillable 33 $6200 70.3 29.2
10/24/17 Lucas Recreation 31.5 $8889    
10/24/17 Lucas Tillable 117.7 $2039 52.6 51.8
10/24/17 Lucas Tillable 65.4 $2217 43.9 45
10/24/17 Lucas Tillable 81.4 no sale 21.8 72.85
10/24/17 Lucas Tillable 201.48 no sale 41.7 115.32
10/24/17 Story Tillable 80 $9100 86.9 75.2
10/24/17 Story Tillable 160 $11000 88.9 154.6
10/24/17 Story Tillable 80 $8500 83.4 78.65
10/24/17 Story Tillable 148.55 $11300 84.4 143.89
10/24/17 Story Tillable 158 $11400 84.5 157.72
10/24/17 Story Tillable 160 $11400 85.6 157.01
10/25/17 Woodbury Tillable 120 $7700 70.6 119
10/25/17 O’Brien Tillable 160 $13400 94.5 151.84
10/25/17 Ida Tillable 87.9 $6750 62.4 69.6
10/25/17 Ida Tillable 235.8 $7400 78.1 188.9
10/25/17 Ida Tillable 80 $7750 81.9 79.2
10/27/17 Washington Tillable 68 $7600 61.6 57.25
10/27/17 Allamakee Tillable-CRP 396 $6566 61.7 324
10/28/17 Lee Recreation 143 $2600 0 23.29
10/28/17 Plymouth Tillable 40 $15200 86.3 39
10/28/17 Plymouth Tillable 157 $13600 84.4 153.45
10/31/17 Dallas Tillable 20 $8750 87.9 19.44
10/31/17 Cedar Tillable 143.5 $9766 87.6 140.1

* Contributing to this report Iowa Farmland Appraiser Jim Rothermich

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