Iowa Farmland Prices January 14-20th, 2023

A total of 1,042 acres were sold in Iowa this past week. The average price per acre for the 14 land auctions was $12,437/acre and $171.43/CSR2 point. Learn more about CSR2.

Top Selling Farms in Iowa

This week’s top-selling farm was 16.30 acres in Woodbury County, IA which sold on January 20th along with two other tracts of farmland. The farm was located East of Bronson, Iowa, and sold for $18,800/acre. This farm had an 81.3 CSR2 resulting in a $231.24/CSR2 point by live and online auction.

The highest dollars per CSR2 point went to Shelby County, Iowa. This 33.46-acre 98% tillable farm sold for $13,300/acre located South of Portsmouth, IA. Has a 48.7 CSR2 which totals $273.10/CSR2. This farm was sold by a live auction at the Portsmouth Legion Building.

We also want to mention our auction in Shelby County that sold on Jan 19th Southeast of Harlan, IA. 95.03 acres sold by online-only auction for $10,000/acre or $131.75/CSR2 for a 75.9 CSR2 86% tillable farm.

Check out the table below to see results from all farmland auctions in Iowa this week.

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Farmland For Sale in Iowa

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307 Acre Farmland in Harrison County, IA
Jason Smith

Jason Smith

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Iowa Current Farmland Prices Per Acre

Date County Total Acres Tillable Acres Price Per Tillable Acre CSR2 $ per Tillable CSR2 Price % Tillable
1/19/23 Shelby 95.03 79.37 $10,000.00 75.9 $131.75 $793,700.00 83.52
1/20/23 Woodbury 16.3 14.03 $18,800.00 81.3 $231.24 $263,764.00 86.07
1/18/23 Wayne 146.42 132.23 $7,100.00 47.1 $150.74 $938,833.00 90.31
1/20/23 Woodbury 64.12 59.38 $15,750.00 71.5 $220.28 $935,235.00 92.61
1/20/23 Wright 77 72.81 $8,500.00 68.5 $124.09 $618,885.00 94.56
1/20/23 Woodbury 79.57 75.96 $11,400.00 45.2 $252.21 $865,944.00 95.46
1/17/23 O’Brien 75.12 72.18 $15,500.00 93.5 $165.78 $1,118,790.00 96.09
1/19/23 Greene 40 38.58 $13,566.00 77.8 $174.37 $523,376.28 96.45
1/18/23 Pocahontas 80 78.26 $13,800.00 81.5 $169.33 $1,079,988.00 97.83
1/19/23 Webster 80 78.65 $13,566.00 81.6 $166.25 $1,066,965.90 98.31
1/19/23 Shelby 33.46 33 $13,300.00 48.7 $273.10 $438,900.00 98.63
1/19/23 Jasper 142.79 142.79 $12,000.00 67.4 $178.04 $1,713,480.00 100.00
1/20/23 Wright 63 63 $10,400.00 84.5 $123.08 $655,200.00 100.00
1/20/23 Wright 83 83.21 $11,300.00 79.9 $141.43 $940,273.00 100.25
TOTALS 1075.81 1023.45 $12,498.71 71.74 $178.69 $11,953,334.18 95.13

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