Iowa’s July Farmland Sales Summary

Aug 14, 2019

Jason J Smith

Jason J Smith

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Iowa Farmland Sales Volume For 80% Tillable Farms

Farmland Prices In Iowa For July 2019

In the past few months, farm land prices have remained fairly steady. In July, tillable land values were sitting right at the 6-month trend line and look to have potential for future positive growth into August. When we take into consideration the varied weather farmers have seen, the markets are right on track to where we would expect them to be at.

It’s no secret the weather this spring was less than ideal for planting, and ultimately there is fear the crops that did get planted could generate a lower yield come harvest. A later plant date results in later pollination and harvest when compared to previous years. However, even though the 2019 crop may not produce record yields, the land prices are still looking positive in the months to come due to the rally of corn prices. The increase in corn prices are giving hope to those looking to sell farmland this coming fall, winter, or spring, and the land market should remain steady in the months to come.

Year-to-date trends and month-long trends can be found in the graphs below.


Average Price Per CSR2 Point For Iowa Farmland

The average price per CSR2 point in July 2019 minimally decreased from the month of June to $101.42, across all 80% tillable farms sold at auction in Iowa.

The CSR2 point rating is a measure of the soil’s productivity out of a scale of 100. It is important to remember that monthly variations depend on the quality of farms sold that month. A longer period of time such as six months to a year is the best representation of the price per CSR2 point.


Average Price Per Acre Of Tillable Farmland In Iowa

We saw an average price of $8,076.28 per tillable acre of farmland in July 2019. The monthly average is on a steady decrease for the two previous months of May and June. Tillable land for the month of August is above the 6-month trend line, which has steadily increased since the beginning of the year.


Thinking Of Selling Farmland In Iowa?

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July 2019 Average Price Per Acre Of Farmland

Iowa Farmland Prices – 12 Month Rolling Summary


Iowa Farmland Sales Report For July 2019 – 80% Tillable Farms

County Total Acres Tillable Acres Price Per Tillable Acre CSR2 $ per Tillable CSR2 Price % Tillable
Franklin 107 99.76 $8,400.00 86.2 $97.45 $898,800.00 93.23
Franklin 70 67 $7,400.00 86.5 $85.55 $518,000.00 95.71
Franklin 80 79 $6,700.00 76.5 $87.58 $536,000.00 98.75
Cerro Gordo 56.34 53.69 $9,300.00 74.3 $125.17 $523,962.00 95.30
Warren 230 193.5 $3,100.00 58.2 $53.26 $713,000.00 84.13
Warren 23 21.48 $6,600.00 82.1 $80.39 $151,800.00 93.39
Clarke 113 102.76 $3,900.00 51.8 $75.29 $440,700.00 90.94
Humboldt 75 71 $5,700.00 69.3 $82.25 $427,500.00 94.67
Humboldt 76.7 73.93 $7,450.00 80.5 $92.55 $571,415.00 96.39
Cerro Gordo 235 227.8 $7,200.00 68.4 $105.26 $1,692,000.00 96.94
Boone 40 38.99 $7,700.00 80.3 $95.89 $308,000.00 97.48
Washington 72.64 73 $9,637.00 84 $114.73 $700,031.68 100.50
Washington 18.37 18.37 $15,242.00 88 $173.20 $279,995.54 100.00
Washington 68 68 $13,603.00 84 $161.94 $925,004.00 100.00
Buchanan 106 104.52 $8,900.00 87.3 $101.95 $943,400.00 98.60
Floyd 109 108.9 $8,900.00 87 $102.30 $970,100.00 99.91
Floyd 80 79.3 $11,600.00 89.6 $129.46 $928,000.00 99.13
Floyd 80 76.4 $8,475.00 89.3 $94.90 $678,000.00 95.50
Hamilton 76 75.04 $10,000.00 85.9 $116.41 $760,000.00 98.74
Lyon 81 77.65 $13,600.00 98.1 $138.63 $1,101,600.00 95.86
Taylor 76 74.52 $4,100.00 53.6 $76.49 $311,600.00 98.05
Clarke 155 133 $3,350.00 51.7 $64.80 $519,250.00 85.81
STATEWIDE TOTALS 2028.05 1917.61 $8,220.77 77.85 $102.52 $14,898,158.22 94.55

Featured Farmland Auction In Iowa

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Online bidding is open NOW, and live bidding will be held at the Wall Lake Community Center, 209 2nd St. Wall Lake, IA 51466. Click Here to learn more and bid!

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