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Aug 16, 2017 | About DreamDirt, Land Auctions, Land Seller Resources

Written by Jason Smith

Written by Jason Smith

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Iowa Auction Company

When you sell a farm you want the best you can get and the biggest decision you’ll make is who can best expose your property to the right people?  Our auction company conducts land auctions thoughout Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota and Nebraska. In this blog I’m going to talk about why marketing your land auction is very important to the sale of your farm, and picking a professionally trained auction crew with exceptional resources can make or break your results. 
I think our team is the best in the business and not because I’m a member but because I know their capabilities.  If you hire DreamDirt as your auction company  you are getting the best in class marketing and execution.  Lets talk about the people that will be conducting your auction briefly. From the top, our Iowa and Nebraska broker Jason Smith is a CAI graduate (Certified Auctioneer Institute) which is a designation less than 1% of auctioneers hold. Jason’s insistence on top quality assistants and education for them is a driving factor in the performance of our team.  In 2017 I completed year 1 of for this prestigious executive level educational program at Indiana University.   I am also a graduate of PRI (Professional Ringman Institute), A member of Realtors Land Institute, the National Auctioneers Association and the Iowa Auctioneers Association. In addition to our backgrounds we have ensured every one of our assistants that are a part of your auction are also highly qualified.  My team that works with me are all PRI Ringman that work auto auctions, personal property, large machinery auctions though out the midwest these guys work 2-3 auctions per week. You may be asking yourself what does all this mean to me?  My best example is that we have been hired at times after a failed auction attempt that was done by an auction company that called themselves an auctioneer but didn’t have the full resources to achieve a top of market price for the seller.   Typically they put up a sign and did a few newspaper ads. As you can imagine their results are usually less then expected for the land seller.  As painful as it is for a seller to learn that the hard way, the truth is the auctioneer they chose just didn’t have the ability to expose the farm far and wide enough to attract enough competition to the event. 
Our auction company’s success is near 99%, a level that far exceeds many of our competitors or other methods of selling farms.  When you bring your farm to market it only gets 1 real chance to make a great impression.  Choosing the best auction company to promote your listing for you is an important decision.
Marketing your farmland is very important to our auction company. Yes we use all traditional ways of marketing such as flyers, local paper ads, signs on property all that is tried and true and somewhat effective, but ask yourself when is the last time you read a newspaper? The world of communications has changed a great deal in the last decade.  DreamDirt was an early adopter of digital and online technologies and has mastered the art of reaching the right people at the right time.  Our predictive data and aggressive use of it has allowed us to reach farther and farther for our sellers.  Over the years we have collected a vast customer list, purchased data lists, pixel fires that happen when people visit our industry leading website DreamDirt.com  Digital marketing is extremely effective, very efficient and incredibly accurate to expose your land auction to potential buyers. Our digital campaigns for farmland typically center around a drone video of your property.   That video is todays equivalent of a sale bill converted for digital advertising.  In the old days you saw a flier hanging downtown announcing the sale.  Today we offer a drone video with all the details driving traffic to your listing on our website.  Drones are cheap today, but understanding how to use them and edit a professional video that truly represents the best your farm has to offer is something different.  Distribution of the video is just as important.  Take a look and see one of our land auctions we are currently marketing in Madison County, Iowa.  LINK TO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjkP6PbpOwY
It probably sounds expensive but you’d be surprised to know our commission are very often lower as much as 50% from other means of selling.  Our auction company takes pride in offering an affordable service and offering a real value to our clients.  Where else in life can you get more than double the quality for sometimes half the price?
I am always looking for new farms to market in Iowa and if you are selling a farm I would enthusiastically offer you my free advice as a professional auctioneer and land broker, even a free market analysis to help you understand what your farm might bring at auction if sold today.  You can call me today at 515-202-7687 or fill out the form on this page to get more info.

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