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We go beyond passion at DreamDirt, we are obsessed with potential and outcomes.  Not only are our services the most economical, they consistently produce the most favorable outcomes for our clients.  We took “because thats the way its always been done” and changed how our industry operates. Many of the old ways weren’t fair to the clients so we simplified farmland sales and estate liquidations to create amazing low stress outcomes while removing anxiety from the process. 

The traditional methods of finding the right land company and navigating the process of selling farm estates was worrisome and took a lot of preparation filled with undesirable experiences. The renowned live and online land auction process with DreamDirt has helped thousands of farm families and landowners minimize stress and maximize the value of their property, safely.  Our private sales and buy outs have offered many people confidentiality without the public exposure and top of the market results simply because our network of buyers extends far enough to create near instant results!

Simplify the process of farm estate liquidation, selling your farmland and personal property, rural real estate and acreages, hunting land, or other property when you partner with DreamDirt’s auctioneers and land brokers. Our Estate Professionals will create a clear and concise marketing plan with proven strategies that match your goals.  



Licensed and Professional Land Auctioneers

Not every auctioneer is the same. To ensure you have the best experience, it is crucial to understand that while many auctioneers don a professional title, that does not necessarily mean that they are trained and true professionals.

All DreamDirt auctioneers are professionally trained and certified, and it shows in our work and the diligent preparation for each auction.

Customizable Land Auctions with DreamDirt

Live Auctions

At a live auction, an auctioneer will typically ‘cry’ and procure bids from the crowd. The item up for auction will sell to the highest bidder. Not only are live auctions the world’s most traditional way to sell items, but they are also incredibly effective when it comes to farmland auctions. The auction method works best for rare and valuable items – and what is more rare and more valuable than a piece of high-quality Midwestern farmland? When comparing auction results to public listings and private land sales, auctions consistently bring land its true market value.

Live Auctions with Online Bidding

Every seller partnering with DreamDirt has the option of supplementing an in-person live auction with online bidding capabilities through our industry-leading and first-of-its-kind platform. This ‘combination’ style auction expands the pool of bidders and creates more competition. A bidder can easily participate whether they live next door, or two states away.

Timed Online Land Auctions

Able to be described as an ‘eBay for farmland’, timed online land auctions were pioneered by DreamDirt across the Midwest and are a huge advancement in auctions. Today, nearly all of our auctions are structured this way! These auctions utilize ascending bidding against a descending clock. No audio or video is broadcast. Sellers enjoy lower commissions, as our team is not having to travel, rent space, host bidders, and more. Our online auctions have consistently proven to bring equal or greater results than our live auction options. Bidders are not deterred from bidding due to the social pressures that exist at live auctions, yet the speed and urgency is retained through our proprietary platform. Bidders always tell us they found it difficult to stop hitting that bright green BID button!

Webcast Auctions

Webcast auctions allow auctioneers and bidders to remotely cry the sale and bid on auctions through a webcasting platform. Conducted similarly to a Live Auction with Online Bidding, live bidders can join the auctioneer in-person, but the online bidders can also see and hear the auctioneer through a video webcast. Bids are able to be taken from both live and online parties.

Land Sold Through DreamDirt Auctions

highest selling farm in Sac County Iowa in 2023

Highest Selling Farmland in Sac County, Iowa 2023

SOLD! This 147.95-acre farmland in Sac County, Iowa sold for $19,870/acre. This price is $5,473 higher than the county’s average farmland value (price per acre). In the end, this sale generated a total of $2,939,766.50! If you’re thinking about selling farm real estate, now is the time!

Highest Selling Farm in Nebraska – Record Breaking

On October 27, 2022 we broke the record for highest selling farm in Nebraska. We sold this farm in Southeastern Nebraska farm for $27,400 per acre. (The previous record in the Cornhusker State was $17,800 per acre.) The two tracts totaled 117 acres. Despite an assessed value of just $4,185 per acre, the farm ground became a bidding war between two eager buyers. The farmland’s excellent soil quality played a significant role in its appeal.

Carroll County Iowa Land Sale

Cash Rent Auction – Minnesota Farm and Land

We also do cash rent auctions! We conducted this 474 Acre Cash Rent Auction in Marshall County, MN! At $220 per acre, the sale generated $104,280.

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Our team will give you a call to determine the best next steps forward. We will research your property and complete a free market analysis of the value of your land. We will then meet with you to discuss your land’s value and what your selling options are!

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