We are a full service auction and real estate company.  We provide every type of auction imaginable.  Auctions are typically broken down into 3 categories which include Live In-Person Auctions, Online Only Auctions, Hybrid Auctions.

  • Live In-Person Auctions are the traditional auction where the auctioneer talks fast and the bidders raise their hand to bid.
  • Online Only Autions or Timed Online Auctions are an auction that is exactly the same marketing and advertising as a Live In-Person Auction but the bidding event takes place on our website using specialized software we developed specifically for selling land.
  • Hybrid Auctions are auctions where a live crowd assembles, the auctioneer talks fast but Internet bidders can bid simultaneously with the in person bidders.

We also provide real estate brokerage or “priced listings” and can help negotiate the sale of real estate without the use of an auction.

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