What is My Land Worth?

Want to Learn What Your Land is Worth and How to Get the Best Price?

Are you thinking of selling land and want to know what it’s worth first? We can help you! As a leading land brokerage and auction company, we have resources and connections nationwide to educate you on your land’s value and how to get the best price possible – without having to do all the research yourself. Get started today by filling out the form below or give us a call at 515-537-6633.

How to Determine What Land is Worth

We provide appraisal services through our market analysis and can help you determine what your land is worth. Our team of land brokers and auctioneers study the current market daily and analyze what land is selling for compared to your property to get an estimated price of what your lands market value is. Is now a good time to sell land? Our experienced team of land agents will help you understand the right time to sell and walk you through the entire selling process.

What is the Market Value of My Land?

Market value is the most probable price which a property should bring in a competitive and open market. Our reserved auctions create competition between bidders and still protect you as a seller from not selling your land for too cheap. We understand what the value your land is worth and our goal is to achieve the highest price possible for you.

Process of Selling Land

The best thing you can do when thinking about selling land is to reach out to a professional. We can help you get started on the right track and guide you through the process of selling land start to finish. From the Canadian border to Paraguay, South America we have sold thousands of tracts of land and have years of experience on our team. We are members of the National Auction Association and have a wide network of land specialists to help answer your questions of selling land and point you in the right direction. Contact us today to get in touch with a land agent near you!

 How to Sell Vacant Land Fast

Are you wanting to sell your land fast without the headache of negoitating with buyers? Our bidder list includes investors, farmers, 1031 exhange buyers, other landowners, and business owners ready to buy land nationwide. Below is a map of our current registered bidders and expanding everyday! Our marketing and advertising not only reaches a local audience withing 100 miles of your property but aslo our digital ads can be seen worldwide across the internet, mls sites, and major social media platforms.

Map of bidders

Current Land Prices

According to the USDA’s Land Values 2023 Summary published in August 2023, the average per acre price for farm real estate (which includes all land and buildings on a farm) for the United States is $4,080/acre. This is an increase of $280/acre from 2022. Below is a graph of dollars per acre average and percent change from 2022 for each state.

Current Land Prices 2023
State 2022 $/acre 2023 $/acre Percent Change
Connecticut 13,700 14,200 3.6
Delaware 9,800 9,800 0
Maine 2,860 2,800 0.7
Maryland 9,700 9,700 0
Massachusetts 15,200 15,300 0.7
New Hampshire 5,350 5,400 0.9
New Jersey 15,400 17,700 14.9
New York 3,450 3,600 4.3
Pennsylvania 7,350 7,610 3.5
Rhode Island 17,500 18,300 4.6
Vermont 4,200 4,600 9.5
Michigan 5,850 6,400 9.4
Minnesota 6,150 6,600 7.3
Wisconsin 5,700 6,200 8.8
Illinois 8,900 9,300 4.5
Indiana 8,000 9,100 13.8
Iowa 9,400 9,930 5.6
Missouri 4,150 4,500 8.4
Ohio 7,200 7,800 8.3
Kansas 2,630 3,060 16.3
Nebraska 3,750 4,240 13.1
North Dakota 2,050 2,320 13.2
South Dakota 2,600 2,920 12.3
Kentucky 4,350 4,700 8.0
North Carolina 5,150 5,500 7.8
Tennessee 4,700 5,100 8.5
Virginia 5,100 5,500 7.8
West Virginia 3,000 3,200 6.7
Alabama 3,400 3,500 2.9
Florida 6,600 6,900 4.5
Georgia 3,960 4,350 9.8
South Carolina 3,800 4,00 5.3
Arkansas 3,550 3,600 1.4
Louisiana 3,410 3,500 2.6
Mississippi 3,000 3,060 2.0
Oklahoma 2,250 2,450 8.9
Texas 2,650 2,900 9.4
Arizona 4,200 4,200 0
Colorado 1,770 1,950 10.2
Idaho 3,700 3,810 3.0
Montana 1,030 1,070 3.9
Nevada 1,060 1,060 0
New Mexico 610 610 0
Utah 2,810 2,940 4.6
Wyoming 850 880 3.5
California 12,000 12,400 3.3
Oregon 3,040 3,180 4.6
Washington 3,100 3,190 2.9
United States 3,800 4,080 7.4

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The responsibility of selling land can be a heavy burden, especially when coupled with dealing with grief, stress, or a myriad of other emotions. We understand the emotions and pressures of selling a farmland; it is important to carefully select a land broker or auctioneer you can trust for your specific circumstance. DreamDirt has served thousands of landowners with help in selling land through live auctions, online auctions, or combinations of both. From high-quality tillable farmland to pasture and development land. Partner with DreamDirt Auctioneers and Brokers for a low-stress transaction process with maximum nationwide market impact.

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Auctioneer Testimonial

Mary Boes sold her family farm in Sac and Crawford Counties in 2019 and felt compelled to record her testimonial after the auction.  We can help you sell your farm in the most professional manner.  Our focus on creating beneficial outcomes has led to very high client satisfaction and we guarantee you will be satisfied if you sell your farm with DreamDirt.