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0 acres Auction

Polk County, Iowa

03-04-2018 1:00 PM

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Iowa Deer Classic Auction

Auction Location

The auction will be held on Sunday of the Iowa Deer Classic at HyVee Hall in Des Moines. The auction always has many great hunting related items offered including many items from vendors at the show.

Listing No.: DDA-25065

Date: 03-04-2018
Time: 1:00 PM

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Auction Details

We will be conducting the Iowa Deer Classic Auction to benefit the Iowa Hunter Education Instructors Association and youth hunting programs in Iowa! Iowa's youth hunting and fishing programs have been greatly impacted by government budget cuts and the closing of Springbrook. We asked what we could do to help and this was the answer.



  • Uuni 3 Portable Wood-fired Oven--BW Outdoors 

    Uuni 3 will change the way you cook outdoors. The patented design of the world's first portable wood-fired oven allows it to reach 932° F in 10 minutes from lighting and bake an authentic wood-fired pizza in just 60 seconds. This powerhouse can also be used with a cast iron pan to add authentic wood-fired flavor to meats, vegetables and other creations. Because of the speed and ease of use, Uuni is fantastic for entertaining friends and family and it travels well to campsites, tailgates and other outdoor destinations. Powered by wood pellets which are energy-dense, inexpensive and easy to light, it also features a stainless steel body made to last a lifetime.

  • Mountaineer Nutmeg Straight Muzzleloader--Knight Rifles 

    Power, Style, Safety & Accuracy. Many promise they can deliver, but few actually do. What if you could have a muzzleloader that not only provided deadly stopping power, pinpoint accuracy, safety while hunting and then at the end of the day looked great hanging over the mantle? You can have that with the Mountaineer from Knight Rifles.

    The Mountaineer carries all of our most detailed features. The 27” fluted Green Mountain muzzle-loader barrel catches the eye immediately, while at the same time providing accuracy with its handcrafted design. Each barrel has been hand treated with a ceramic basted bore coating that adds increased velocity and reduces the need to swab between shots. Every bolt and bolt handle on a Mountaineer is individually machined– not cast, and then finished with detailed jeweling and intricate knurling, providing a touch of class to an ignition system that is easy to use and clean. The laminate straight and thumbhole stocks are not only rugged but have a timeless appearance of elegance. Each muzzleloader comes equipped with an Easton Carbon Core Ramrod, fitted with a reverse threaded solid brass jag that extends out to help safely and firmly seat your bullet. Finally, a metallic fiber optic sight set rounds out this beautiful muzzleloader that is claimed by many to be the most reliable and accurate muzzle loader on the market today.

    The Mountaineer Nutmeg Straight Muzzleloader comes in .45, .50, and .52 caliber options, and can be ordered with either a 209 Bare Primer ignition system, Western-legal musket cap & #11 system or our 100% waterproof/weather proof Full Plastic Jacket Technology. We are so confident in our quality and accuracy that we guarantee every Mountaineer made will have MOA accuracy up to 200 yards—something the competition can’t say. We’re also proud to say that the Mountaineer is 100% American Made—from the smallest screw and fitting to the bolt, barrel and stock.

    Power, Style, Safety, Accuracy, The Mountaineer, a rifle to be passed down from father to son, for generations to come.…/mountaineer-nutmeg-straigh…/

  • FieldTorq Field Dressing Supertool--FieldTorq Knives 

    FieldTorq Hunting Knives

    FieldTorq FRN (Orange) and FieldTorq Pakkawood are made of high carbon stainless steel with ideal heat-treatment and balancing. Included with every FieldTorq knife is a heavy duty ballistic nylon sheath, ceramic sharpener, and a Torq Assist™ (for cutting pelvic & sternum bones).

    · 5x faster field dressing without carrying additional equipment into the field

    · "Unzips" big game faster and easier than any other gut hook, and can also be resharpened

    · Also cuts pelvic bone and rib cage/sternum easily without puncturing internal organs

    · Increases field dressing safety due to enclosed blade edges and blunt points

    · Cuts like a regular knife with the longer blade

  • 1 Ani Mineral Block, 1 Mineral Dirt 180, 1 Liquid Mineral Dirt 180--Anilogics Outdoors 

    One of the challenges deer face is that nature doesn’t always provide the key minerals necessary to grow trophy bucks.

    The Ani-Shield TX4® technology in Mineral Dirt 180™ and Ani-Block™ provide deer with key bone-building, health promoting nutrients, which contribute to antler and body growth by offering targeted chelated minerals like Copper, Zinc, Selenium, and Manganese.

    We use the chelation process, where minerals are bound to a protein, to make these all-important minerals more absorbable and available for use by the white-tailed deer.


Agent Comments

We hope you will want to add something to this auction to help us help youth hunting programs and its a good way to promote your business.  Contact Auctioneer Brandon Eaton with your contribution and we'll begin promoting it immediately.  Just text us photos and descrpition, it's very easy!  Bring your items to the Iowa Deer Classic and drop them off at the auction booth.  Call or text Brandon (641) 234-0012 or Marcy (515) 380-1947.




Brandon Eaton, Auctioneer

Cell: (641) 234-0012


Jason Smith, Broker / Auctioneer

Work: (855) 376-3478

Cell: (712) 592-8965


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