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What is your Land Worth?

Considering selling land?  The first step is to learn what your farm is worth so you can consider all information.  Often a sellers main objective is to achieve as much money as possible when selling a farm.  We can help you establish an estimated value of your farm for free. It is important that you seek out the right land company to go through the process alongside you.  Fill out the form below to start the process.

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Answering Your Questions About Selling Land

Our team will give you a call to determine the best next steps forward. We will research your property and complete a free market analysis of the value of your land. We will then meet with you to discuss your land’s value and what your selling options are!

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Land Value Considerations


Your Corn Suitability Rating (CSR2) measures and qualifies the quality of your soil. A higher rating typically means the land will have a better value.


Location has always been a huge factor in real estate, and the location of your farm in terms of access, distance from cooperatives, or proximity to towns or cities is essential to determining its value.

Land Quality

Apart from your CSR2, other characteristics of your land such as drainage, improvements, food plots, ponds, condition of fencing, hard surface access, easements, etc. can all affect the value of your land.

Current Market Price

Timeliness matters when determining what your land is worth. It’s important to assess the current market price for similar properties.

Comparable Land Sales

What have properties similar to yours sold for recently? When we search for comparable farms, we narrow down to the last 12 months, similar CSR2 ratings, amount of acres, type of land (tillable, hunting, etc.) same county or a surrounding county, same features, and more. These comparable sales help us to evaluate the value of your land.

What type of Land Appraisal do I Need for my Land?

Certified Land Appraisals

Certified Appraisers can provide you with a certified appraisal report that is both thorough and federally compliant. DreamDirt can connect landowners to a network of professional farm real estate appraisers to help you quickly and for a reasonable fee. Certified appraisals are required for lending and some other purposes, but overall are seldom necessary and can cost a significant amount.

Non-Certified Farm & Ranch Real Estate Appraisals

A non-certified appraisal for a farm or land real estate is a middle-of-the-road option in terms of expense, time, and service. Though only available when federal lending is not involved, non-certified appraisals are used most commonly for estates or setting a tax basis. The resulting reports satisfy most valuation requests and help you comply with many estate or divorce requirements. DreamDirt performs these in-house for a reasonable fee.

Real Estate Market Analysis Opinion Reports

The most affordable and low-cost option for those considering selling land is a real estate market analysis opinion report. These are a great tool for discovering the value of the land you own! Many sellers do not need to provide federally compliant appraisals, and just want to understand the worth of the asset they own. DreamDirt provides these as a free Farm and Land Market Analysis for you. Fill out the Free Evaluation form below to get in contact with an agent!