Auctioneer & Broker Fees

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The Auctioneer Commissions for Selling Land with DreamDirt

All of our fees are always negotiable to match the market and competing offers of commission for similar services.    

When it comes to selling your land, getting the most value is of utmost importance; the cost of enlisting help from a professional auction company shouldn’t significantly lower your net income from the sale, it should increase it. This is why DreamDirt is committed to a commission structure that places value for our sellers at the top. After all, your land is your land, and partnering with an auctioneer should signify a fair trade of your land’s value for the value of our service. DreamDirt accommodates clients fairly with fees that reflect the value of not only your land, but your auctioneer’s experience, insurance, credibility, and marketing capabilities as well.

Auctioneer Fee Offer and De-Escalation Minimums

All land and farm auction types receive the exact same advertising accelerated marketing package including inclusion on, our email blasts, newspaper ads, direct mail, radio ads, sale bills, external auction websites, realtor MLS & associated websites, specialized land search websites, (yes we advertise on any land website you can think of) signage, phone campaign, targeted postcards, organic and paid social media ads, paid and organic search engine ads.  All sellers will get a free drone video and professional photography of their farm.  If you are ready to talk about an auction call or text Jason Smith at 515-537-6633

Live In-person
Farmland Auction

0-250,000 5.5%
$250,000-600,000 4.5%
$600,000-$1,400,000 3.5%
1,400,000-$3,100,000 2.25%
$4,100,000 and up 1.5% or less

Fees for Live Auctions are slightly higher due to the extra expenses of venue, refreshments, printed paperwork and travel expenses.

Farmland Auction

0-$250,000 5%
$250,000-$600,000 4%
$600,000-$1,400,000 3%
$1,400,000-$3,100,000  2%
$4,100,000 and up 1.25% or less

Fees for online auctions are slightly lower than for Live Auctions because there are fewer expenses on auction day and reduced travel expenses. 

Additional Fees We Charge

Advertising Fees $0
Per Bid Fees $0
Administrative Fees $0
Closing Fees $0


We do NOT charge any additional fees of any kind for standard marketing campaigns.  Our commission fees are extremely simple and easy to understand.  

Farm Equipment Auctions

All of our farm equipment auctions are handled through our FarmBid Farm Auction Platform.

farm auctions

Online Farm
Retirement Auction

>$50,000 to $125,000 9%
>125,000 to $250,000 8%
>$250,000 to $750,000 7.5%
>$750,000 to $1,250,000 6.5%
>$1,250,000 to $1,500,000 5.5%
>$1,500,000 4.5%

Residential Real Estate Sales Commission

Our real estate commissions can vary depending on the level of advertising required and potential for splitting with another broker. Selling rural acreages often involves other brokers.  Our real estate commissions are:

Total Sale Commission Rate
0-$750,000 4 – 7%
$750,000 – $1,500,000 2 – 5%

* All stated fees are for DreamDirt’s Services where licensed and are not reflective of potential fees when enlisting the participation of other brokers or broker partners.  Nothing on this page is an offer or guarantee of a particular fee.  Each situation is judged and proposed on its own merit and circumstances.

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Breaking Down the Numbers: The Value of a DreamDirt Auctioneer

All commissions and fees include a standard marketing package for properties at or exceeding 80 acres. Agents may give discounts for our standard commission rates based on comparable competitive offers or where circumstances dictate lower commissions. We’re here to work with you – not against you – and are always open to discussing our packages further.