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Sell Farmland with DreamDirt: Low Stress & High Impact

Selling land is a big deal.  It comes with many decisions.  Choosing the right partner to help you market and close the land transaction will be the most important choice you make.  You want to make sure you get everything for the lowest fee possible.  More money in your pocket!  At DreamDirt our “Impact Marketing” is how we deliver the most aggressive advertising campaigns.  We deliver millions of marketing impressions for each client we serve!  We reach far and wide with today’s most advanced digital tools and continue to use the tried and true old-fashioned advertising that delivers solid results.  DreamDirt offers the most powerful way to sell a farm, hands down and our buyers love our sales process.  Our seller clients overwhelmingly rate us 5 stars sale after sale.  If you are ready to sell a farm we are ready to show you how we can manufacture the best farmland marketing campaign and deliver an outcome that will make you happy!

Leverage Multiple Selling Platforms with One Auction Company

By offering multiple types of auctions and private real estate sales, our sellers enjoy the flexibility and opportunity to sell land in a way that makes sense to them, all with one experienced DreamDirt Broker.  If you need more information here is an article about how the typical farmland auction is conducted

Live Auctions

The traditional way to hold an auction, DreamDirt auctioneers are unique in their standing as licensed and certified auctioneers and brokers in numerous Midwest states. With your auctioneer, a live in-person farm auction will take place at a specified and convenient location. The auctioneer cries for bids, bidders raise their hands to signal their bid, and the auctioneer announces each item as sold. Live DreamDirt auctions are enhanced with a proprietary online bidding feature to increase competition and oftentimes result in a higher sale price.

Online Auctions

Leverage the always-growing power and influence of the web in the sale of your land with DreamDirt’s leading proprietary online auction platform. Benefits of hosting an online auction are almost limitless; among other things, DreamDirt online auctions mimic the intensity and competitive atmosphere of an in-person option while giving bidders more time to consider their bid. Learn more about the DreamDirt online bidding platform and its benefits by clicking on the link below.

Farmland Buyer Services

When we represent a client as a seller in an auction we will not represent any buyer in the transaction.  If you are looking to engage experiences auctioneers and land brokers to help you acquire farmland properties at the best price we can consult you on opportunties and even represent you as a bidder at auctions.  Savvy investors know we know the auction enviroment and can read other auctioneers and bidders.  Let this information and experience work for you in auctions or private sales.  We can help you acquire the right properties right.

Land Brokerage

Selling farmland is no easy task, and much is at stake when considering that many auctioneers in the Midwest are not licensed. While unlicensed agents may fit easily into a budget, they require the addition and involvement of third parties in the sale of your land. DreamDirt agents can do it all! From initial contracts to showings, to questions and closing our brokers are both auctioneers and carry real estate licenses in order to look out for your best interest.

Land Auction Marketing Services & Fees

With each auction, DreamDirt sellers receive the following approximate marketing services. Every auction is slightly different but our results are guarateed. A standard marketing campaign will product approximately 1.6 to 2 million advertising impressions.

  • A Listing on and all of its Web Traffic
  • Listing on major auction aggregation websites
  • Our highly coveted VIB (Very Important Bidders) Broadcast.  Over 900 Land Investors.
  • Included to our RTB (Ready to Buy) Email
  • Professional Drone Photography/Videography Services
  • Direct Mail postcards to local and absente landowners near your farm
  • Professional Print and Digital Design Materials
  • Regional & Statewide Newspaper Ads
  • Multiple mentions in our weekly Radio Interviews statewide
  • Color Sale Flier for Public Locations in a 50-Mile Radius of Property
  • Targeted & Paid Social Media Advertising in Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter
  • Targeted Paid Google Search Engine Ad
  • Edited Drone Video & Digital Salebill for Website, Emails and Social Media
  • Email Campaign to our Large Audience of Registered Buyers
  • Email Campign to our Opt In Email list.
  • Placement on Highly-Trafficked Third-Party Land Auction Sale Websites
  • Inclusion on, and major real estate and MLS aggregation websites
  • Onsite and Directional Signage
  • Listings on multiple Craigslist sites


DreamDirt Farmland Auction and Sales Fees

When it comes to commission for your DreamDirt auctioneer or broker, we balance the value of our services with an understanding that the selling of your land is a significant endeavor. Commission rates are based on the size and expected value of the property, and all rates include advertising and fees.  WE DO NOT CHARGE ANY ADDITIONAL FEES!

Start with a Free Market Analysis Consultation for your Farm

Our team will give you a call to determine the best next steps forward. We will research your property and complete a free market analysis of the value of your land. We will then meet with you to discuss your land’s value and what your selling options are!

Build a Foundational Knowledge on How to Sell Land

Empower yourself with information before you decide to sell.