Ready To Sell Land

You’re Ready To Sell Land Now

You’ve come to a decision – you’re ready to sell land and you know what you want. How do you proceed?  There are multiple ways to move forward. We offer start to end solutions.  Some of our clients say “Just do it” and we do everything.  Some want to dedicate less time and get a faster offer, some want to dedicate more time and maximize price.  As communication and technology change, we have solutions that can achieve both fast offers and maximum price!  As farm real estate agents and auctioneers we have many options to help you.  Depending on the path you choose, initially there are some considerations we’ll talk about.  

  • We will set up a meeting to discuss your objectives.  What are your goals? What do you what to happen?
  • That meeting will result in the first draft of an Engagement Letter or Listing Agreement.  This agreement will guide our relationship and responsibilities.
  • When we have agreed on real estate services to be performed we will begin thoroughly researching the property.
  • If you chose to use our Back Up Bidder Program for a Fast Offer you’ll start to get offers very quickly after this point.
  • If you chose a listing or an auction, Next we will create and distribute all advertising and responding to buyer inquiry.
  • How quickly things work depend on the method you use to sell.  Land Auctions take 4 weeks to complete.  Listings have no timeline.
  • When we have secured the highest and best bidder a purchase agreement is completed between buyer and seller.
  • The closing process begins.  This takes 30-45 days.  There are many considerations and steps that may be needed.
  • Settlement is the final step.  We will have all proceeds distributed to the appropriate places.  All bills against the sale will be paid.

What to see more details on the steps?  Download a more detailed checklist to help see the process.


Once you fill out this form, our team will be calling you to chat more about your needs. You will hear from us within a few minutes in most cases!

Land Sale Methods We Offer at DreamDirt

DreamDirt auctioneers call out from an auction trailer.

Live In person or Online Auctions: We offer every imaginable auction service.  DreamDirt is a technology leader and when it comes to modern auctions we are the clear choice. DreamDirt auctions provide the most competition for your piece of land. Our marketing system is so comprehensive we are able to customize every aspect of your auction to match your objectives.  Want a wide national pool of bidders, we can do that!  Want to keep it small and local, we can do that too!  No one size fits all auctions, we can do what you want done.

A DreamDirt representative smiles with a Sold Sign.

Listings: Our real estate agents are licensed and trained to list your property on the land market. is the central portal of our marketing system.  Thousands of buyers look at our site to find properties.  We use hundreds of advertising resources from MLS to Zillow, Realtor and many other external aggregation websites.  They have all of the best tools plus the unique tools available only to DreamDirt’s agents. You can expect to set your price, a sign to go up on the property, and the buyers to begin to respond quickly.  

cash offers for farmland

Instant Offer: You need to sell land NOW. You want to skip the listing and auction and go straight to closing.  You may be interested in a lease-back situation, or have other factors causing you to need an instant offer on your property. Our team has multiple options to help you.  Either with our own financial resources or that of investors we have the option if you choose to make you an offer on your land.  You can expect to have the property under contract in under 7 days and headed for closing.  Use the form below or call us at 515-537-633 or email [email protected] about receiving an Instant Offer on your land.