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Our online equipment auctions have NO BUYER FEES!  You can sell your used equipment quickly and efficiently with a buying platform designed specifically for landowners and farmers. FarmBid allows sellers to sell excess assets instantly and for full market price.

We offer 2 pricing levels when selling equipment.  

1. FREE  Yep, completely free! We can post your equipment in our marketplace for free with a price and your phone number.  You represent yourself and take the phone calls.  While your equipment won’t be included in our advertising it will be in the marketplace where thousands of people shop for farm equipment weekly.

2. 3-8% We offer professional represenation in our FarmBid auctions.  For sellers that don’t want the hassle of negotiating or the fear of being scammed our FarmBid auction offers a top price result and security in your sale.  You get full advertising in all of our channels, access to our audience and an insured transaction.  On top of that we handle all of the money to ensure real funds are collected.  

There’s no need to wait for the next machinery auction or to spend time hauling your equipment to a lot and letting it sit. Each FarmBid item is advertised and sold individually. Let us help you post your auction today, and conveniently get your extra trailers, tractors, bins, and anything else off of your hands.

Ready to consign equipment now? You can upload equipment descriptions and photos here! Fill out this form and a representative will get back to you quickly to help you get your equipment sold. Or, if you prefer, give us a call at (515) 202-7687.

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Hundreds of Equipment Listings Sold to Bidders in all 50 States

I had been trying to sell grain wagons through other outlets, but the process got a lot easier once I started working with Jason. He helped me take pictures, create descriptions, and post them on FarmBid for 30 days. I was able to watch the bidding happen, and was very happy that they sold for what they were worth!

-Thomas Veit | Pocahontas County, IA

I needed to sell a planter and mower, so I reached out to Tom to put them on FarmBid. He made it so easy for me – I didn’t have to do anything! They came out and took photos, posted the items on FarmBid, and I was able to watch the bids come in over a couple weeks.

-Jason Hirsch | Madison County, IA

I could not be happier with how my items sold on FarmBid today. It was my first time using their online auction service, and to be honest I was a little apprehensive to begin with. That all went away when I realized how easy and successful my auction was! I didn’t have to drag the equipment to town, the guys at FarmBid did all the work taking photos and posting them on the site, and I even watched the auction online while planting beans today. Some of the items even brought more than what we paid for! I’m very happy after working with FarmBid Online Ag Auctions.

-Russ Keating

I’m going to be selling more items on FarmBid! We didn’t know anything about FarmBid before this, but I think this really is the way to go. You can sell a little of your equipment, or you can sell it all. I was getting calls the minute they started advertising this machinery – it didn’t take long! I’m really happy with the way the word got out. The sale really wasn’t over until the very end, and I’m well satisfied with what took place.

-Leon Bos

How to Sell Equipment & Estates with DreamDirt

Live Consignment Auctions

As an addition to listing online, DreamDirt gathers communities together to hold large consignment auctions across the Midwest. At a consignment auction, many sellers bring in items to sell during a single auction. Traditionally, Spring and Fall Machinery Consignment Auctions are held each year in Winterset, Iowa. Occasionally, our FarmBid Representatives will host consignment auctions in their respective regions. All large items at these consignment auctions can be found online as well. This opens up the bidding pool for our sellers, and provides great opportunities for buyers nationwide! If you’re ready to sell machinery today, we highly recommend learning about our online FarmBid auctions.

Estate Auctions

DreamDirt can be your family’s one-stop-shop if you are looking to liquidate an estate or farming operation. We are able to build and host an entire auction, lot all of your equipment, machinery, and personal property, and sell using any combination of our live or online auction capabilities. Your auction will be featured on the DreamDirt Marketplace and will be advertised as its own individual auction to stand out on our platform. Talk to us today if you are ready to discuss your estate’s options.

Successful Equipment Sales from FarmBid

Explore the FarmBid platform to understand what an equipment listing may include, and to see for yourself the hundreds of items successfully sold.