Unlocking the Value of Minnesota Farmland: A Comprehensive Guide to Current Land Prices and Expert Insights - December 2023 Report

Welcome to Our Monthly Minnesota Farmland Value Report

In this monthly report, Jason Smith, Land Broker and Auctioneer dives into Minnesota farmland values, helping you understand the factors that determine what your farm is potentially worth. Our goal as auctioneers and farmland real estate agents is to provide you with up-to-date information, recent sales data, expert insights, and tips for maximizing the potential value of your farmland sale. Let us answer the questions you have about selling farmland in Minnesota. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Minnesota Farmland Value Monthly Report December 2023
Jason Smith, Broker | Auctioneer

Jason Smith, Broker | Auctioneer

Founder, Farmland Auctioneer & Land Broker

Jason is an experienced farmland broker and auctioneer with extensive experience in farmland sales across this Midwest.  Jason has worked with hundreds of clients to create advantageous outcomes.  If you are selling land schedule a consultation with Jason by calling or using the calendar.

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Understanding Minnesota Farmland Values:

Factors Influencing Farmland Values in Minnesota

Minnesota’s agricultural landscape is influenced by a multitude of factors. In this blog, we will explore how commodity prices, interest rates, government policies, and regional conditions impact the current market values.

Recent Farmland Sales Data

Let’s dive into the latest sales data, including county location, land size by acre amount, soil productivity ratings, and sale prices per acre and total price in the table below. By analyzing this data, you can get a clearer picture of how your property may be valued in the current market.

Average Price of Farmland in Minnesota

In the month of December, a total of 2,318.5 acres were sold in Minnesota by auction method. The current average per acre price for land in Minnesota according to these December sales is $8,442/acre. The highest selling farm in Minnesota in the month of December 2023 sold on December 7th in Rock County for $10,500 per acre for 326.7 acres, with a CPI of 74.8. The farm with the highest selling price per acre sold on December 21st in Renville County for $16,800 per acre for 82.7 acres, with a CPI of 92.3.

County Total Acres $/Acre Tillable Acres $/Tillable Acre CPI Soil Score Total Price Date Sold
Brown 80 $16,200 78.2 $16,575 94.3 $1,296,000 12/5/23
Freeborn 160 $16,500 155.7 $16,951 92.6 $2,640,000 12/6/23
Clay 78.9 $7,000 - - 87.9 $552,370 12/7/23
Norman 40 $7,200 - - 92 $288,000 12/7/23
Norman 80 $6,500 - - 92.8 $520,000 12/7/23
Rock 326.7 $10,500 282.8 $12,128 74.8 $3,430,035 12/7/23
Marshall 315.2 $1,930 - - 67.7 $608,317 12/12/23
Swift 80.9 $9,650 70.8 $11,023 91.3 $780,974 12/14/23
Stearns 68 $7,665 64.5 $8,085 74.2 $521,373 12/19/23
Renville 118.3 $9,870 101.8 $11,471 91.9 $1,167,818 12/20/23
Renville 32.8 $7,980 - - 74 $261,345 12/20/23
Renville 82.7 $16,800 81.8 $16,966 94.3 $1,388,520 12/21/23
Renville 82.7 $16,800 81.8 $16,999 92.3 $1,391,208 12/21/23
Martin 38.1 $13,800 38 $13,822 93.7 $525,228 12/21/23
Martin 77.9 $9,900 77 $10,012 82.8 $770,913 12/21/23
Marshall 72.8 $1,720 49.1 $2,551 77.7 $125,164 12/22/23
Marshall 38.5 $2,210 38 $2,241 56.7 $85,173 12/22/23
Marshall 80 $2,010 72.6 $2,215 47.1 $160,800 12/22/23
Marshall 118.4 $680 - - 50.5 $80,512 12/22/23
Marshall 199.5 $1,860 155.4 $2,388 78.8 $371,070 12/22/23
Lac qui Parle 147.1 $10,500 145.6 $10,608 89.3 $1,544,235 12/27/23
STATEWIDE AVERAGES 110.404762 $8,442 99.54 $10,269 80.7952381 $881,384
STATEWIDE TOTALS 2318.5 $18,509,055

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Market Trends and Future Projections:

Minnesota Land Market Trends

Each month we like discuss current trends in Minnesota farmland sales, highlighting patterns, emerging opportunities, and potential challenges.

Despite the challenges posed by declining commodity markets and rising interest rates, farmland values show resilience as we enter 2024. The December 2023 land values report indicates a steady market, driven by farmers with strong cash positions expanding their land holdings. Our experts suggest that although commodity markets and crop input costs may have short-term effects, the enduring demand for a limited number of acres is expected to uphold the overall stability of the land market.

According to the USDA-National Agricultural Statistics Services (USDA-NASS) survey released in February 2023, Minnesota’s farm real estate value experienced a 7.3% increase, averaging $6,600 per acre—an annual growth of $449.02/acre.  Comparatively, the previous annual growth was more than double that, at a 17.4% increase from 2021 to 2022. These statistics highlight the slowing, but steady growth and market dynamics within Minnesota’s agricultural real estate landscape.  

Nebraska Farmland values 2023

Is Now a Good Time To Sell Farmland in Minnesota?

In the predictions made by some analysts last December, there was an expectation that farmland prices might finally plateau or even decrease in 2023. Contrary to these projections, the reality has shown significant resilience in the land market, with consistently strong values being documented.

As we look ahead in 2024, our forecast indicates that land prices in Minnesota will maintain stability, strengthening the allure for potential sellers to act in the current market. The ongoing demand for high-quality farmland is expected to endure, providing favorable conditions for those contemplating a sale. Seizing this opportunity during a period of projected stability allows sellers to make strategic decisions that align with the evolving dynamics of the agricultural real estate market, ensuring the maximization of returns on their valuable assets. In short, don’t miss the chance to capitalize on the market while it’s at its peak.

Future Predictions for Farmland Values

Here you will gain insights into the future of Minnesota’s farmland market with our expert forecasts. Understand what to expect in the coming months and years. Here’s what we are predicting:

Although we have experienced steady annual growth, we are starting to see farmland prices level off. Similarly, the USDA-NASS reported a net farm income decrease, which leads us to predict cash rent values to follow suit. While the stability of land prices persists into 2024, we might start to see a decline in the latter half of the year. Higher interest rates, lower crop prices, high input costs, and trade barriers are challenging the farming economy and land prices in the coming months. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to catch the market at its peak.  We know where the market is today, and now is still a good time to sell farmland.

Navigating the Selling Process:

Tips for Selling Your Farm in Minnesota

Explore a set of practical tips for successfully selling your farmland by downloading our free eBooks here. Schedule a non obligatory consultation with us today and we will cover everything from when is the best time to sell, a customized marketing plan, sales methods, how we can help you find the right buyer, and answer your questions.

Farm Real Estate Experts in Minnesota

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Kevin Cochran, Minnesota Land Agent

Kevin Cochran, Minnesota Land Agent

Real Estate Agent

Kevin is a Minnesotan through and through, apart from stints in Seattle and New York. His decades-long career in the tech world involved supporting leading semiconductor companies and powering the tech behind cell phones, video games, computers, and other gadgets. Back in Minnesota, Kevin focused on the electrification of farm equipment and drones. On the side, Kevin cultivated his knack for home remodeling, culminating in his Home Inspector’s Certification. More recently, he acquired his FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot license and Minnesota real estate license.

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Assessing Your Farm’s Worth:

Minnesota Land Market Analysis Appraisal Technique

Curious what your farm could sell for? We prepare market analysis for each of our farmland sellers to help you discover and learn what your farm is worth from our market based research and expertise. Fill out our form here to request a market analysis of your Minnesota farmland or call us at 507-769-0128.