7 Tips For Choosing An Auction Company

Apr 11, 2017

Recently I attended a farm auction conducted by a general personal property auctioneer. Now please do not get me wrong, I have always enjoyed this auctioneer and have attended his sales before. He does a good job as a personal property auctioneer selling household goods but he’s not known for conducting farm auctions. As auctioneers are are always anxious to book new auctions, its how we feed our families but unfortunately some auctioneers will put themselves in a position to book an auction they are ill equipped to handle at maximum potential. Auctioneers come from all different backgrounds, they have different standards, different resources, different teams and different methods. If you wanted to sell your collection of prized baseball cards I am not a good choice of auctioneer for you. If you wanted to sell valuable jewelry again I am not a good fit for you. If you want to sell farm equipment, real estate or farmland I have the experience, resources, team and understand the best practices and methods to sell those things. I understand the market, the buyer pool, the language and the value of those things. I’ve complied a list of 7 things I think are important for you to consider when choosing the right auctioneer.
Professionalism: Professionalism can mean something different to everybody. The auctioneer I mentioned above came to the auction to sell tractors and farm equipment in a tie dye shirt. Our team takes pride in everything we do and we intend to display ourselves and our conduct in the most professional light. We are members of the National Auctioneers Association and follow the professional code of conduct required for membership. From our image to the things we do to represent you we never want to distract from whats most important to you, getting you the best results and we know small details matter.
Resources: Because we specialize in agricultural assets we bring resources to the table that other auctioneers can not from our partnerships and affiliation with professional organizations like the Realtors Land Institute, different auctioneers associations or even other associations that represent farmers and producers like the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association. Our affiliation with attorneys, closing companies, lending institutions across Iowa that specialize in agriculture are unique resources that can help you achieve the best results. Our network of agents and auctioneers across the Midwest reach our to these people on a regular basis and our good relationships throughout the industry provide a distinct benefit to you.
Team: I am proud of the team we have assembled and built over the years. These people are a crack squad of auction professionals that suit up and take their job seriously. They take pride in every result. They train for auction day in everyday staying current with every bit of training available and hold the highest designations available in our industry. Nobody can compare to the qualifications as an auction crew as our people. While many auction companies are headed by 1 trained person with many apprentice level employees we’ve encourage and assisted our team in each gaining the education and experience that will provide you with the absolute best results. Our entire team is PRI certified and lead by a CAI auctioneer, the pinnacle in auction industry education held by less than 1% of auctioneers.
Experience: It would not surprise you that the 80/20 rule is at work in the auction industry. 80% of the auctions are done by 20% of auction companies. A stark reality of our industry is that the vast majority of auctioneers are hobby level auctioneers that conduction 1-5 auctions per year. Auction companies in Iowa that conduct auctions on a weekly or even result basis of any kind are very few. Our company is typically booked out 2 months on auctions which gives our crew continuous experience and whats important is that people trust their auctions to us over and over again. The majority of our consignment customers across the state are repeat customers every auction because they know we have the experience to do the job right and because they have had good experiences selling their assets with us.
Marketing System:  Some auctioneers can overstate the power of their marketing system and it can be confusing and hard to compare apples to apples.  We have been recognized with multiple national marketing awards for our advertising products.  DreamDirt has the most comprehensive marketing system in the state and would be among the top auction companies in the Midwest. In fact our marketing system is so vast its difficult to describe and fully explain because there are so many working parts that work to compliment each other. Our system was developed with the best practices gleaned from hundreds of millions of dollars in sold ag assets. We have incorporated the most cutting edge technology and buyer engagement that you can find in our industry and continue to use the most effective offline analog type advertising. Newspapers, signs, fliers, mailers, radio and the likes have provided solid results but they only cover a certain segment of our demographic. To provide the most complete exposure for you, we leave no stone unturned. We can get your listing in front of the right buyers fast!
References:  I have conducted many different auction though out the years from retirements, consignments, and liquidation auctions. I have sold farmland for sellers, estates, other auctioneers and land brokers. I can gladly provide references to visit with some of those sellers, they can best tell you about my services I and provided and the results we have accomplished.
Reach: Exposure means everything to you. Participation means more. DreamDirt ensures that you not only get the best exposure but we give bidders 4 options to participate in your auction. Live and online auctions or a combination have driven our sellers results to record levels. DreamDirt’s bidding app is a one of a kind option in Iowa Auctioneering and it helps our seller achieve more money!
Are you considering auctioneer choices to sell farm or real estate assets? I would like to invite you to meet with me in person or by phone. I would enjoy the opportunity to talk about our operations and the opportunities we can expose your assets to. We even have some interesting ways to show you our operation in action! We understand your concerns and just how difficult of a decision it is to make a choice but let me show you why DreamDirt offers the best in class advertising, sale performance and results for our sellers.

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