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Our services are unique because we offer options that are altered to your needs. With marketing platforms for real estate, personal property, and livestock, DreamDirt is a full-service provider from the top to the bottom of every transaction, including:

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We strive to be Nebraska’s leading farmland auction company. Over the years we’ve helped thousands of clients in the Midwest sell their assets and heard their appreciation of how we’re dedicated to maximizing the value of their property. In 2022, we managed a farm auction that set the record price for farmland sold in Nebraska.

We have real estate agents and auctioneers in Nebraska who can quickly service your listing and bring you the best potential outcome. Ready to see how we can help you? Get started today by requesting a free market analysis for your farm or calling our auctioneer, Jason Smith, at 515-537-6633 .

2023 Nebraska Farm Real Estate News

Prices for all types of Nebraska farmland have risen 14% from 2022 to 2023. We expect farmland prices will moderate this year, but we don’t see any likelihood of sharp increases or declines in their value.

Obvious valuation differences exist in different types of farmland across the state. Dryland versus irrigated cropland can vary in price within the same region, while values in western Nebraska differ from eastern Nebraska. This video from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln offers a comprehensive look at the current state of Nebraska’s farmland prices.

Average Land Prices in Nebraska

Breaking Down Nebraska’s Farmland Prices

To preface, this information is derived from a survey conducted by the Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and is not based on actual farmland sales or auction results. Although these numbers represent the closest estimation of actual farmland prices, it is important to note that the numbers shown in this report are averages and should be treated as such. Additionally, each farm is unique, and a trained professional is necessary to accurately estimate the potential value of your land.

In this report, we will take a look at farmland prices by area as well as by land type. Our data will be expressed as the average price per acre, as of Feb. 1, 2023. Another metric you will see throughout the report is market value percent change, which is conducted using the previous year’s data.

The market value average for all agricultural land in Nebraska reached historic numbers this past year. Increasing 14% from the prior year at an average of $3,835 per acre. This marks the second-largest increase in the market value of agricultural land since 2014. 

According to the 2023 Nebraska Farm Real Estate Market Survey, this also marks the highest non-inflation-adjusted state-wide land value in the history of the survey, dating back to 1978.

Nebraska Farmland Prices
2023 Nebraska farm and ranch prices

Irrigated, Dryland & Grazing Land Prices Increase in Nebraska

Below you will see the statewide averages by land type, followed by the regions of Nebraska ranked by all-land average. 

The east division of the state tops the charts with an average of $9,320 per acre. On the other end, the northwest region takes the title for the lowest average at $935. 

Among cropland, dryland cropland with irrigation potential has experienced the largest overall increase of 16%, including gains of between 17% and 21% in the northeast, southwest, and southeast regions. 

In regards to grazing land and hayland, hayland takes the lead with an estimated increase of 17%. Followed up at 15%, nontillable grazing land included market value gains between 13% and 20% in its prominent grazing regions. Lastly, tillable grazing land was estimated at a 14% increase in value. The survey credits the competition for additional acres across the state due to the drought as the cause of these increases in grazeland and hayland.

Nebraska Average Per Acre Price and Percent Change from Previous Year

Average Value by Land Type $/acre % Change
All Land Average 3,835 14
Center Pivot Irrigated Cropland 8,760 13
Gravity Irrigated Cropland 7,905 12
Dryland Cropland (Irrigation Potential) 6,070 16
Dryland Cropland (No Irrigation Potential) 4,395 13
Grazing Land (Tillable) 1,680 14
Grazing Land (Non-tillable) 1,090 15
Hayland 2,210 17

Eastern Nebraska Farm Prices

Current average per acre prices for counties in Eastern Nebraska, including Nance, Merrick, Hamilton, Platte, Colfax, Dodge, Washington, Sarpy, Douglas, Saunders, Butler, Polk, York, Seward, Lancaster, and Cass.

Northeastern Nebraska Farm Prices

Current average per acre prices for counties in Northeast Nebraska, including Knox, Cedar, Dixon, Dakota, Thurston, Burt, Cuming, Stanton, Wayne, Pierce, Antelope, Boone, and Madison

Average Value by Land Type $/acre % Change
All Land Average 9,320 15
Center Pivot Irrigated Cropland 12,970 19
Gravity Irrigated Cropland 11,290 20
Dryland Cropland (Irrigation Potential) 9,535 13
Dryland Cropland (No Irrigation Potential) 8,365 11
Grazing Land (Tillable) 4,615 18
Grazing Land (Non-tillable) 2,865 5
Hayland 3,980 15
Average Value by Land Type $/acre % Change
All Land Average 8,035 16
Center Pivot Irrigated Cropland 11,710 16
Gravity Irrigated Cropland 9,800 9
Dryland Cropland (Irrigation Potential) 8,890 19
Dryland Cropland (No Irrigation Potential) 7,845 13
Grazing Land (Tillable) 4,185 15
Grazing Land (Non-tillable) 2,695 9
Hayland 3,845 11

Southeastern Nebraska Farm Prices

Current average per acre prices for counties in Southeast Nebraska, including Clay, Fillmore, Saline, Gage, Otoe, Johnson, Nemaha, Richardson, Pawnee, Jefferson, Thayer, and Nuckolls

Northern Nebraska Farm Prices

Current average per acre prices for counties in Northern Nebraska, including Cherry, Keya Paha, Boyd, Holt, Rock, Brown, Grant, Hooker, Thomas, Blaine, Loup, Garfield, Wheeler, Arthur, McPherson, and Logan

Average Value by Land Type $/acre % Change
All Land Average 7,090 17
Center Pivot Irrigated Cropland 11,415 14
Gravity Irrigated Cropland 8,485 11
Dryland Cropland (Irrigation Potential) 8,110 21
Dryland Cropland (No Irrigation Potential) 6,425 17
Grazing Land (Tillable) 3,460 6
Grazing Land (Non-tillable) 2,750 10
Hayland 3,695 18
Average Value by Land Type $/acre % Change
All Land Average 1,450 12
Center Pivot Irrigated Cropland 5,065 4
Gravity Irrigated Cropland 4,455 6
Dryland Cropland (Irrigation Potential) 2,365 5
Dryland Cropland (No Irrigation Potential) 1,960 7
Grazing Land (Tillable) 1,550 13
Grazing Land (Non-tillable) 870 17
Hayland 1,680 23

Central Nebraska Farm Prices

Current average per acre prices for counties in Central Nebraska, including Custer, Valley, Greeley, Howard, Sherman, Dawson, Buffalo, and Hall

Southern Nebraska Farm Prices

Current average per acre prices for counties in Southern Nebraska, including Gosper, Phelps, Kearney, Adams, Webster, Franklin, Harlan, Phelps, and Furnas

Average Value by Land Type $/acre % Change
All Land Average 4,210 10
Center Pivot Irrigated Cropland 8,890 10
Gravity Irrigated Cropland 7,235 3
Dryland Cropland (Irrigation Potential) 4,255 10
Dryland Cropland (No Irrigation Potential) 3,830 8
Grazing Land (Tillable) 2,620 21
Grazing Land (Non-tillable) 2,030 20
Hayland 2,610 17
Average Value by Land Type $/acre % Change
All Land Average 4,850 11
Center Pivot Irrigated Cropland 8,370 8
Gravity Irrigated Cropland 7,820 14
Dryland Cropland (Irrigation Potential) 4,535 9
Dryland Cropland (No Irrigation Potential) 3,990 15
Grazing Land (Tillable) 2,595 13
Grazing Land (Non-tillable) 1,685 7
Hayland 2,270 9

Southwestern Nebraska Farm Prices

Current average per acre prices for counties in Southwest Nebraska, including Keith, Lincoln, Perkins, Chase, Hayes, Frontier, Red Willow, Hitchock, and Dundy

Northwestern Nebraska Farm Prices

Current average per acre prices for counties in Northwestern Nebraska, including Sioux, Dawes, Sheridan, Garden, Deuel, Box Butte, Morrill, Cheyenne, Scotts Bluff, Banner, and Kimball

Average Value by Land Type $/acre % Change
All Land Average 2,025 12
Center Pivot Irrigated Cropland 5,495 12
Gravity Irrigated Cropland 4,350 5
Dryland Cropland (Irrigation Potential) 2,080 17
Dryland Cropland (No Irrigation Potential) 1,720 10
Grazing Land (Tillable) 1,150 9
Grazing Land (Non-tillable) 945 15
Hayland 1,755 14
Average Value by Land Type $/acre % Change
All Land Average 935 13
Center Pivot Irrigated Cropland 3,280 7
Gravity Irrigated Cropland 2,760 10
Dryland Cropland (Irrigation Potential) 985 15
Dryland Cropland (No Irrigation Potential) 905 21
Grazing Land (Tillable) 735 18
Grazing Land (Non-tillable) 575 13
Hayland 930 12

How We Helped Set Nebraska’s Farm Sale Record

The highest-selling farmland this past year set the record price for farmland sold in Nebraska and was managed by none other than DreamDirt. 

The record took place in October of 2022 in Richardson County. The sale included two tracts, one of which sold at $27,400/acre for 116.07 acres. The tract was nonirrigated and assessed at a value of $4,185/acre. Here are the bidding results.

RFDTV reached out to hear about our success and published an article on the record farmland sale. This highlights just how much potential is added to each farm when the auction method is used – the sky’s the limit!

What’s My Nebraska Farm Worth?

Considering selling land in Nebraska and not sure how much your farm or ranch is worth? We can help you establish an estimated value of your farm and offer initial guidance for free. From there we can talk about selling the land and the best path forward for you.

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