Successful Land Auction – Carroll County, Iowa

Apr 24, 2019 | Farmland Prices, Land Auctions

Jason Smith

Jason Smith

Auctioneer, Land Broker, Appraiser

Jason is a farm real esate processional in Iowa licensed as a broker and auctioneer.  The Iowa Farmland Prices Report is an aggregation of farmland sales across the entire state of Iowa.  DreamDirt has offices in Mason City, Des Moines, Onawa and Storm Lake.

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DreamDirt’s online land auctions continue to turn out great results for our clients.  In 2019 we have officially reached the point that our online land auctions outnumber our in person auctions.  At this point in 2019 we have done 80% of our land auctions online!  And for good reason, we’ve been able to help sellers save money with fewer fees, lower commissions, and zero marketing fees!  Online land auctions are less stressful for buyers and sellers both!

This week we conducted an auction for a land owner in Carroll County Iowa.  This auction was conducted with online bidding only The auction advertising was a full compliment of advertising including signs, newspaper ads, video, lots of online and digitial advertising that included all of the higly visible land sales websites including 2 listings on

The online auction had 7 online and 1 offline bidders that competed for the farm.  Our online farmland auctions continue to grow in popularity for both bidders and sellers that can experience mutual benefits.  Bidders love that they can bid in privacy away from the social friction of the live bidding atmosphere and sellers really enjoy the benefits of that plus they save money! .  Some sellers don’t want to have a live auction and the online auction really takes the best parts of a private listing and combines it with the best parts of an auction, ascending competative bidding,


This is the spotlight video, our digital salebill for this auction.  Thinking about selling farmland in the Midwest?  DreamDirt conducts both live in person and online farm real estate auctions in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota.  Learn more about the difference between live in person and online farmland auctions on our blog.  The Difference Between Live and Online Land Auctions


You are one step away from from making a very important decision.  We offer more advertising, less stress and great results.  There are lots of ways to get started.  The easiest is to give us a call and visit about your options and the process will look like this from beginning to end.

Typical Land Auction Steps

  • Step 1 Consultation.  Call us at 641-423-6400
  • Step 2 Valuation
  • Step 3 Marketing Proposal
  • Step 4 Listing Agreement
  • Step 5 Advertising
  • Step 6 Auction Day
  • Step 7 Closing and Settlement



Jason is an auctioneer and licensed land broker that has represented hundreds of sellers of family farms across the Midwest.  His modern approach to land auctions has helped create a smoother buyer and seller journey that benefits both sellers and buyers in meaningful ways.  If you want to learn more about selling farmland by listing or auction contact Jason and see how you can enjoy the easiest and most productive farmland sale possible.

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