Jason Smith | Farm Real Estate Professional

Auctioneer, Land Broker, Appraiser

Area Served: Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota
Specialty: Farmland Marketing, Auctioneering, 1031 Exchanges, Family Division, Land Brokerage, Real Estate


Jason Smith is the founder of DreamDirt and lifelong Iowan.  Jason is also a licensed real estate broker and auctioneer in multiple Midwestern states.  He has many accomplishments and awards, as well.  Additionally, Jason oversees DreamDirt’s daily operations and is the broker in charge of our Storm Lake and Mason City offices in Iowa.  He is an innovator in the auction industry and a very successful auctioneer. Well known for the results he has been able to obtain for his clients, he is highly referred.  Jason is a forward-thinking land salesman that has tackled many of the toughest aspects of the auction industry.  This has included focusing on removing buyer and seller stress from the auction process.

He is an original thinker and as a result, he has innovated methods of auctioneering that have advanced the industry and gained the attention of many. Jason is a leader and has held volunteer positions with the National Auctioneers Association and been an instructor at the World Wide College of Auctioneering.  He has achieved the highest educational designation in the auction industry and written 2 books about selling farmland by auction.  He was also the first person to launch Dollars And Dirt, a farmland price discovery website.  Jason has appeared in national media multiple times and often is called on to provide commentary for news articles about farmland prices.  His articles often focus on the value of farmland and proper methods of structuring farmland auction terms.

Jason was the first auctioneer to take up blogging on the Internet and has written hundreds of articles about all aspects of farmland ownership. He has a true passion for helping protect sellers from the dangers they can face and has been a trusted advisor to hundreds of clients that have highly rated his performance and results. Jason’s level of experience in farm real estate sales makes him an expert.   He is able to help with the most complicated situations from private auctions, family divisions of farm real estate to 1031 exchange relinquishment and replacement.

Personal Life

At home, Jason is a father and husband.  He has 4 children and has been married to his wife Nicole since 1997. Nicole is an integral part of DreamDirt and assisted in the development of DreamDirt’s current auction technology.  Jason and his family enjoy many outdoor activities but they are most known for their ice fishing adventures in northern Minnesota where they own several lake homes and often camp on the ice miles offshore for weeks at a time during the coldest parts of Winter.  In Iowa, they love to garden, grow sweet corn, raise cows, and do lots of small farm activities that allow the children to experience country life.  In the Spring and Fall, they enjoy Walleye fishing across the Midwest.


Jason, Thank you so much for everything! You and your team at DreamDirt were simply incredible! We are very grateful to you for walking us through the auction process, and reassuring us along the way – knowing exactly how it would go down – and then some! It was so intense at the end…talk about an adrenaline rush!”  ~Win Lewis 4K’s LTD Pottawattamie County, Iowa

That last 38 minutes of our auction was incredible, an unforgettable moment that just doesn’t compare to anything I’ve ever experienced in my life.  It exceeded even our wildest expectations! I just kept sitting there in amazement that it just kept going and going, I thought to myself “Gosh is this even real, this doesn’t even seem real, I mean, look at those figures there is no way this can be real” but yep it actually was real and I can’t even put to words just how thankful I was for what you guys did for us. I have so much respect for you guys and how you handled everything about our farmland auction and I am so happy the family decided to go with you guys because some of the others were tempting but in the end hands down your team at DreamDirt was the right choice and came through for us in a huge way!  The knowledge, dedication, integrity and professionalism is rare in this world.”  Scott Jeneary, Farmland Seller


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