What Is The Difference Between CSR And CSR2?

Apr 12, 2014 | About DreamDirt, Land Seller Resources

What is CSR2? What is CSR?

We get many questions on the differences between Iowa’s CSR and the new CSR2 especially as it relates to farmland values in Iowa.  There is no easy answer, and in some cases there is no answer at all.  Today its necessary to question what you are looking at because some will use a CSR2 number but refer to it as CSR.  CSR and CSR2 do have some important differences that you should know if you are buying or selling farmland in Iowa.

Rather than re-write the entire narrative Iowa State University released a report that can help you understate the differences that you can download right here by clicking the link The Difference Between CSR and CSR2

You can also download this report from Wallace Farmer CSR and CSR2 by Wallace Farmer

If you are interested in looking up your own CSR and CSR2 you can do it through the Web Soil Survey website as well, you’ll find a tutorial when you click the link.

If you are considering selling farmland in Iowa and you want to know the CSR or CSR2 of your farmland contact one of our agents by calling (855)376-3478 and we can help you and send you reports for your farm. 

Jason Smith

Jason Smith

CAI Auctioneer, Land Broker

Founder, Auctioneer, Broker, and Agent at DreamDirt, Jason Smith is a lead farm real estate professional in the Midwest. He has achieved the pinnacle of auction education earning the CAI designation and is one of only 11 CAI auctioneers in Iowa. Jason graduated from the World Wide College of Auctioneering, and has achieved the PRI designation from the Professional Ringmen Institute. Jason and his wife founded DreamDirt in 2005, and the company continues to be a leader in the farm auction space and prides itself in offering extensive land seller and buyer information.

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