Free Farm Equipment Listings in the DreamDirt Marketplace

Mar 29, 2021

Jason J Smith

Jason J Smith

Auctioneer & Land Broker

Jason is an experienced farmland broker and auctioneer with extensive experience in farmland sales across this Midwest.  Jason has worked with hundreds of clients to create advantageous outcomes.  If you are selling land schedule a consultation with Jason by calling or using the calendar.

Phone: 515-537-6633

New Farm Equipment Marketplace Listings at DreamDirt

At DreamDirt, we have been innovators in farm auctions.  Our team of auction professionals continuously look for new ways of doing business. We have always understood giving our customers more than they pay for is value.  In 2019, we began a rebuild of our website and proprietary auction software.  This was such a huge project it took us until October of 2020 to launch the final product.  As we’ve worked to help clients take advantage of the new features we’ve yet to launch all of them to the public yet!

Today we are announcing our FREE Marketplace listings for farm equipment!  Yes, FREE!  No Commissions, no fees, its free PERIOD!

So What Is a DreamDirt Marketplace Listing?

A marketplace listing is in a prime space on our website where people shop for farmland and equipment being sold at auctions.  Your listings will be right side by side.  It is not an auction listing, it will have your price you choose and will be very similar to posting it on social media, Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist.  It’s a great way to discover a new buyer, and avoid paying a commission.


DreamDirt Marketplace – Offers Program

Our offer to place farm equipment in our marketplace for free must follow these guidelines:

  1. DreamDirt does not represent the seller, we are offering a free listing to expose your equipment.  We can not guarantee buyer authenticity and take no responsibility for the results of your transaction.
  2. Your phone number and name will be listed with the equipment and all calls directed to you.  We will not answer questions about your equipment if inquiries are received.  You will be responsible for all buyer inquiries.
  3. Free listings will be allowed in the marketplace for 14 days each.  Re-listing of unsold equipment will not be allowed. 
  4. We will not guarantee any level of advertising, however at times we may post listings in our social media channels for additional exposure.
  5. Free listings are only available to pieces of farm equipment, vehicles and recreational equipment we deem to be worth at least $1,000.
  6. In order to place your equipment in the Marketplace, you will be required to collect photos and provide a description which must be uploaded at our website.
  7. We reserve the right to reject or cancel any listing for any reason at any time.

How Do You List Equipment For Sale in Our Marketplace?

Here is the simple part.  We have made listing items so incredibly easy!  First, get good clean photos of the equipment.  Here are a few tips.

  1. Clean the equipment as good as possible.
  2. Place it in a clean area with a clean background.
  3. Try to take the photos on a partly cloudy day with a blue sky.
  4. If the sun is too bright pay attention to the shadowy side of the equipment and ensure it is visible.  Shoot with the sun at your back. Turn the equipment if necessary to shoot all sides
  5. Avoid including your own shadows in your photo.
  6. Plan to take at least 10 photos of each item at a minimum.  For a tractor or combine for example you should provide:
    • Side photo
    • Left front corner
    • Right front corner
    • Left rear corner
    • Right rear corner
    • Driver console
    • Gauge console
    • Motor
    • Tires
    • VIN Tag

When you have completed your photos; create a description of the item complete with year, make, model, specifications, past usage hours and condition.  You can then upload the item on our Sell Farm Equipment Page

The item(s) will be sent to our staff to be included in the Marketplace for 14 days.  All listings will have your contact info and you will field the phone calls.  You will be responsible for the negotiating and eventual results of the transaction.


What If I Don’t Want To Represent Myself Selling Farm Equipment?

We have options and one of the most powerful!  DreamDirt created the first continuous online farm equipment auction, FarmBid.  This concept harnessed the power of auction selling but it broke out of the traditional framework of auctions.  FarmBid is a perpetual auction that never ends.  We add items to FarmBid all of the time and every Thursday at 2PM items close.  Most items spend 2 to 3 weeks on the auction for advertising before they end. This allowed our customers to be able to turn equipment more quickly without “waiting for the next auction” and bidders loved it because there are always items to bid on and it’s a great way to discover new equipment for sale.

The Most Valuable Mechanism for You

There is a reason so many farm sellers have relied on DreamDirt to sell their farms. We understand Midwestern farmland prices and can spot value quickly. The proper evaluation of your assets by an appraiser is the first step and often the foundation of your decision-making when selling farm land real estate. We have developed the tools leveraging the right data on Midwest farmland prices and machinery sales to produce accurate results. Thus, we are able to pinpoint selling prices so our sellers walk away with peace of mind.

We would be happy to provide you with a FREE CONSULTATION to help you understand the value of your farm! Whether you’re ready to start the selling process, or even remotely curious, we will gladly provide this to you! Please fill out the form below and our team will get the process started!

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