Land For Sale in Thurston County, Nebraska

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Sellers: Samuelson Brothers Farms LLC   Auctioneer: Jason Smith | (515) 537-6633   Location: Winnebago, Omaha, and Macy, Nebraska

Land Auction Details in Thurston County, Nebraska

We are happy to offer this collection of quality Thurston County Farms for the Samuelson Brothers.  The farms will be sold by the auction method.  You will find the farms have excellent soil quality ratings and represent a tremendous value when compared to some surrounding counties.  You have the opportunity to buy highly fertile, productive farmland to boost your own investment or add to the growth of your farming operation. You can quickly and easily place your bids on our website or by calling Auctioneer Jason Smith at 515-537-6633.

Property Breakdown

FARM DOCUMENTS: Please visit individual auction pages to access each tract’s farm documents.

TRACT 1     TRACT 2     TRACT 3     TRACT 4     TRACT 5     TRACT 6     TRACT 7

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Please visit the individual auction pages for more directions to each tract.

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DreamDirt’s Bid Capture software brings the latest in bidding experience.  Our online bidding isn’t like many other companies.  You will have a great experience placing your bids for this farmland using our online platform.  You can reach our staff for questions at 641-423-6400.


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  1. Register to bid which will take you about 3 minutes.
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