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choosing an auctioneerMany things set DreamDirt apart and make us a market leader and innovator.  We know land sales and as a result our clients enjoy great outcomes when selling farmland. The experience at DreamDirt is highly rated for it’s lower fees, ease, safety, lack of stress and top results.  When starting your “Land Sellers Journey” you’ll find selecting a farm real estate auction company to represent you will be the #1 indicator of success. Our farm real estate professionals are full-time licensed land brokers and auctioneers.   We utilize both old-fashioned and cutting-edge approaches to selling farmland through live in-person and online auctions or land listings. We’re proud to lead the farm real estate and auction industry with original thought, effective ideas, and unrivaled strategy delivered at a better than competitive commission fee.

Farm Real Estate & Auction Company Rooted in Client Care

DreamDirt is Iowa’s most advanced farm real estate and auction company. We aggressively market farmland through powerful competative bidding acutions for you.  DreamDirt is a pioneer. We were the first Iowa auction company to leverage social media. We created the video format nearly all farmland auction companies use today.  Developing our own land auction software as well as customizable auctions put us ahead of the rest.  Similarily, we were the first to conduct an online farmland auction in the US! Who was the first to launch a farmland price aggregation website?  That was us!   We were the first to ever talk about the stress buyers and sellers experience in selling their land and as a result, implemented a worry free sales plan for sellers!  We’ve painstakingly studied the sales process to remove every unnecessary stress from the “the Sellers Journey”.  At the same time, farmland buyers benefitted.  DreamDirt is on the cutting edge of farmland sales and our methods are very often adopted by other companies.

Our Experience in Selling Land is Real

Leveraging the skills of experienced DreamDirt auctioneers and land brokers to sell your land will result in a higher and better outcome, in effect, reducing your anxiety about the process.  As farmland became a more common investment, and technology changed DreamDirt grew. Under the circumstances, the need for better and more professional representation from auctioneers with more advanced nationwide marketing capabilities was important. Since putting down roots in Iowa, DreamDirt’s Founders Jason and Nicole Smith partnered with Tom Bradley and together assembled the most advanced team and farmland marketing platform which now serves clients across the Midwest.

Worry Free Land Sellers Journey

DreamDirt is the only company that will offer you a completely worry free opportunity to sell your land. You’ll love our offer and the safety it provides all of our sellers. Protection from financial disaster is extremely important to our clients.  Want to learn more, ask a question or chat about selling land?

Auctioneers in Iowa

What Is Your Land Worth? Get a Free Custom Market Analysis Quickly.

We are licensed to sell farmland in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota and South Dakota.  Our team of farm real estate agents and auctioneers have a clear advantage in helping you get the best price for your farm.  Starting your land sellers journey is easy.  Fill out this form and we’ll be in contact with you to show you the safest and most profitable land sale options for you.

Land Sellers

We Sell Farmland, Hunting Land, Acreages and Pastureland in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Missouri and Nebraska.

We understand that sellers may be dealing with grief, stress, or a myriad of other emotions when deciding to sell their property. When you work with DreamDirt, you’re partnering with a team of experts who will guide you every step of the way. We promise to work alongside you to simplify the process while keeping you in the driver’s seat. Whether you’re ready to start the land selling process, or are just toying with the idea, our goal is to help you no matter the question.

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We Offer Farmland For Sale by Live Auctions, Online Auctions, Real Estate

If you are searching for farmland sales or the perfect acreage we offer farm real estate for sale in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Missouri.  It is essential that you get it right when it comes to buying land.  We make the process of buying land easy. DreamDirt puts everything in one place from both live and online auctions to real estate listings and more, all with a licensed and qualified team to support any questions you may have along the way.

A Cutting-Edge Auction Company With Great Results

“Every step of the way, no matter the question I had, Jason’s answer came back immediately, via phone or email.”

-Bo Brock, Dallas County IA

“Jason earned our trust and I am confident he will earn yours too. I highly recommend DreamDirt.”

-Robert S Stensland, Story County IA

“DreamDirt went above-and-beyond with regards to the help and attention they showed in the sale of our farm.”

-Jennifer Finnell, Fremont County IA

“I would recommend you guys to anybody. I can’t say enough good things about the job you did.”

-Thad Bridges, Pottawattamie County IA

“DreamDirt identified with all the issues on these sales, and helped overcome many challenging situations to bring those results to fruition.”

-F. Kyle Robinson, Monona County IA

“We sold our real estate using DreamDirt’s Online Auction and in the end the high bid was higher than we would have ever dreamed of getting. James Sprinkle was a very professional representative and got great results for us.”

-Barb Hocker, Lee County IA

What is My Farm Worth?

The first question of selling farm real estate, what is its value?  What will my land sell for? With a free marketing appraisal from DreamDirt you can learn quickly how your land stacks up in today’s market.  Farmland prices are always moving, we have our finger on the pulse daily.  We will thoroughly research your farm and take many factors into consideration. We will write you a custom report and apply our expert judgement to help you understand what your farm or land will sell for in todays market. With the report we provide you with many helpful FREE documents while creating the inventory and profile of your farm. This will include:

  • Soil maps
  • Aerial maps
  • Acreage breakdown
  • Demand analysis
  • Neighborhood sales volume
  • Improvement inventory and analysis
  • Soil productivity ratings
  • Recent comparable sales
  • Multi-parcel analysis
  • All of your marketing options
  • Optional Zoom or Telephone Conference

It’s completely free and you will find it to be very helpful in your future decision making process.

DreamDirt’s Iowa Auctioneering & Farm Real Estate Offices

DreamDirt auctions storm lake iowa office

Northwest Iowa Office
Auctioneering • Real Estate
Storm Lake, Iowa

Auctioneering Office

Central and Southern Iowa
Auctioneering • Land Sales
Des Moines – Winterset, Iowa

auction house

Western Iowa Auction Office
Onawa, Iowa

DreamDirt’s FREE Ebook is the Complete Guide to Selling Farmland

It doesn’t exist anywhere else, you can download our ebook and learn everything thats been hidden about the process
of selling farmland from start to finish. Our free ebook will teach you about the entire process plus the potential pitfalls,
how we properly structure your auction or land sale to avoid legal problems, how to maximize the value of your property,
evaluation of multi-parcel opportunities and importantly, how to avoid being taken advantage of financially.

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